10 Baby Names For Fans Of The Big Bang Theory

When you are trying to pick out a name for your baby you start to look everywhere. You read articles, go through baby books, and everything else you can to try to find the perfect name. If you and your partner love the same T.V. show then you should draw inspiration from there. One of the most popular shows over the decade was The Big Bang Theory. This show made people feel okay to be who they are as the characters celebrated what they loved unapologetically. So keep reading to discover ten baby names for fans of The Big Bang Theory.

10 Penny

In The Big Bang Theory, there is one character who is an odd man out among the rest of the characters, and this person is Penny. Penny was the only character in the show who was “popular” growing up and did not love comics and superheroes like everyone else on the show.

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The name Penny is a great name that you should think about for your daughter. In the show, Penny first seems to be shallow, but as the show continues we find out that she is a complex character who wants to be better.

9 Leonard

Leonard Hofstadter is easily described as a genius, but also a hopeless romantic. He is very smart and can easily socialize with his colleagues on topics outside of work. Just because he is smart doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to find love. In the show, Leonard falls for girls who pay attention to him. The name Leonard is a great choice for any little boy since he can easily grow into it. This name can encourage your son to follow his heart when it comes to his career, friends, and relationships.

8 Bernadette

The Big Bang Theory is known for having a cast of characters full of smart men, but there are plenty of smart women in the show as well. One of the ladies who is known for her brains is Bernadette.

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Bernadette has her Ph.D., but just as smart as she is still able to make friends easily and not make them feel bad if they are not as smart as her. Naming your daughter Bernadette can be a memento for your little one to stay humble about the areas that she excels in.

7 Barry

Not everyone in the show is a fan of the two main male characters, Leonard and Sheldon. Barry is someone who at times thinks he is better than others, even though he wants to be friends with them. Though you might not always love the character Barry, don’t let this stop you from selecting this name for your child. Barry is a classic name that fits a person at any age and would be perfect for your child. So make sure to talk to your partner about the name Barry.

6 Farrah

Where would Sheldon be without Amy Farrah Fowler? Watching her and Sheldon's relationship grow and evolve is one of the best things that have happened throughout the show.

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Though we love the name Amy, we think the name Farrah would be a better choice for inspiration for your daughter’s name. Farrah is sweet, caring, and patient to her friends and people in her life, all traits you want your daughter to have. Give her the reminder she needs to live a kind life with the name Farrah.

5 Stuart

In The Big Bang Theory, you would recognize the character Stuart Bloom from being the owner of the comic book store the characters frequently visit. Since Stuart owns his own comic book store this can inspire your son to live a life where he is his own boss. Not only is he able to run a comic book store he is also able to make friends easily with the people who shop there. Let your son have a name from The Big Bang Theory and give him the name Stuart.

4 Halley

Since The Big Bang Theory was a show that was one for over ten seasons there were many characters who ended up falling in love throughout the series. One of the first couples in the show to get married and start a family was Howard and Bernadette.

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The first child that the couple had together was named Halley after the comet that appeared when she was born. Giving your daughter the name Halley is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a Big Bang name and a space-related name.

3 Howard

A character in the show who graduated from MIT and who is an astronaut is Howard Wolowitz. Howard is a very interesting character where even though he is geeky he is not afraid to put himself out there to meet new people. One of the biggest fears that people have in life is rejection, yet as someone who used to get rejected a lot, he never stopped trying. This is a trait you want your child to have throughout life to keep them going. So make sure to name your child Howard after Howard Wolowitz.

2 Lucy

With a huge cast of supporting charterers you might not recognized the name Lucy, unless you are a true Big Bang Theory fan. Lucy is the name of the very shy girl that Raj first dated when he was trying to get over his fear of talking around girls. Of course, you do not want your child to grow up painfully shy, but you do want her to grow up taking chances.

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Even though it might not look like it Lucy putting herself out there and going on a date is a huge accomplishment. Name your daughter Lucy so she can remember to be strong and take chances throughout her life.

1 Cooper

If you watch The Big Bang Theory then you know and love one of the main leads Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is a character that can be hard to get along with at times, but he has created such amazing friendships in his life that his friends are always there for him. And that’s the kind of relationship you want your son to be able to find friends like Sheldon. But the name you should pick for your son is his last name, Cooper. Cooper is a fantastic choice since people would not think that this is from the show so it can be something that you keep close to your heart.

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