'The Big Bang Theory' Star, Johnny Galecki, Hopes He Has A Baby Girl

The Big Bang Theory star, Johnny Galecki, is hoping that his girlfriend is carrying a little baby girl.

Johnny Galecki is most famous for his role as Leonard Hoffstader on the popular television show The Big Bang Theory.  Last week, Galecki and his girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, announced that they were pregnant with their first child! They seemed to be very excited. Galecki appeared on the show The Talk and he opened up about the pregnancy and their new sweet baby on the way.

Galecki was on the show wearing pink nail polish. The host asked if his pink nail polish was him announcing that the sweet little bundle of joy was going to be a girl. Galecki said that he was just hoping that he was going to be having a girl. Throughout the year he spends the majority of his time wearing the same type of clothing because he is on The Big Bang Theory where he dresses as Leonard. He decided to branch out and wear blue in his hair, but then he panicked and thought that was going to manifest itself into a boy. He said he was very superstitious and that is why he painted his nails pink.

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Galecki then looked at the host and told them not to show the "tape" to his kids in the future. In case he has a boy he doesn't want his son to see that his dad wanted a boy. Galecki stated that although he does have his nails pink to kind of push the baby into being a girl he ultimately just doesn't care. He wants the baby to be healthy and happy. The health of the baby is by far the most important thing to him and his girlfriend.


Sara Gilbert, one of the co-hosts on the show, was the most excited. She has known Galecki for quite some time. They were co-stars on the hit 90's sitcom Rosanne. Through the years of the shows air time Gilbert and Galecki were in a television relationship. Gilbert also appeared on several episodes of The Big Bang Theory as a fellow scientist to the cast. When Gilbert heard the news she started crying. She said that tears were streaming down her face.

Congratulations to Johnny Galecki and his beautiful girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, on their upcoming baby! You guys will be awesome parents!

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