Bill Gates To Invent Remote-Controlled Birth Control! What?!

You heard that right. Technology is stepping it up another notch and we might be getting the possibility of getting our birth control through.... a microCHIP. 

Bill Gates has been known to be trying to reinvent the condom, but is he also looking into female birth control. A new birth control device will soon be tested and could be available as soon as 2018. It is suppose to fix the issue of having women wait a long period of time to get pregnant after getting off the birth control we have today. The MicroCHIPS will be filled with 16 years worth of birth control and implanted under the skin (hmm... sounds robotic) and when a woman is ready to start a family, she can simply turn it off using a remote control and turn it back on when ready... just don't lose the remote!!! 

MicroCHIPS was originally going to be invented to administer medication to people with osteoporosis. The device would then share information through wireless to doctors.  How do you feel about having a microchip in you? 

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