This Couple's Trip To Disney World Turned Into A Magical Birth Story

A couple decided to go on a vacation before their daughter was born, however, their destination turned into a temporary home when their baby came three months early.

Porshia and Ryan Horine were going to be first-time parents. They lived in Noblesville, Indiana and wanted to get away before they would no longer be able to travel as easily. Porshia was 6 months pregnant and was expecting a normal 9-month pregnancy. Porshia and Ryan wanted to go to Florida. They thought that their trip would include lounging around on the beach and going to Disney World a couple of times. They were both eager about their trip. However, their vacation changed courses very quickly.

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While enjoying their trip Porshia's water broke and they rushed to the hospital to see what was going on and to make sure everything was going alright. Porshia was only 24 weeks and so it was very stressful to think that their daughter would be born so early. They were immediately scheduled for a C-section. Their daughter was born very little at three months premature.

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Their daughter Remi was so tiny when she was born and neither of her parents were allowed to hold her. She weighed less than a pound, she had to have surgery immediately and she couldn't even breathe on her own. Remi had what’s called velamentous cord insertion and the doctors said that if she would have gotten any bigger than she would have ripped her cord and would have died. It was actually a good thing that she was born so early. When Porshia saw her for the first time she was completely covered in IV's and tubes. They just had to look at her from a distance. It was very hard for them to have to see their daughter in such a fragile state. When she finally took her first breath by herself Ryan sighed in relief. He was so excited and it was at that moment that he knew that his daughter was going to be fine.

It has been over 10 weeks since Remi was born and the couple is still stuck in Florida. Remi is not ready to leave the hospital. She wouldn't be able to make the trip back to Indiana. Ryan has had to work remotely while they are staying in Florida. Not only has this whole experience been emotionally troubling for the couple, but it has been financially tying for them as well. Ryan and Porshia are having to deal with the expenses of the NICU, but they are also living in a hotel room and they have a rental car. They have set up a GoFundMePage to help with their expenses.  Although this is not exactly what they had planned they are so grateful that their daughter is healthy and progressing. It was an absolute miracle that she was born early and she is doing wonderfully now.

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