The Pros And Cons Of Making A Birth Plan

Before many ladies go into labor and delivery, they like to spend time writing out and making a birth plan. A birth plan is a way for expecting moms to write down what they want to happen, hope to happen, and hope to avoid during their labor and delivery. A birth plan can be a wonderful thing for expecting women and their partners to sit down together and write. Though birth plans can be great there are also some cons if you decide to make one. So keep reading to discover the pros and cons of making a birth plan.

10 Con: Could Set You Up For Up For Disappointment

Many times when a woman writes down a birth plan it can be great for them during birth, but it can also set them up for disappointment. This is because when you write a birth plan you hope that everything will go exactly how you wrote it and that can be tough since there is no set way to give birth.

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With each and every birth being different than another it can lead you to be disappointed if you wrote down labor and delivery like a friend had and yours was not like it.

9 Pro: Can Relax You

When women are in labor they need to do their best to try to relax. A great way to help relax your mind and body during this process is to write a birth plan. A birth plan can ease your brain during the big day and help you during the labor. When your body and mind are relaxed then labor is going to be easier. Give yourself an easier labor for your mind and body by writing out a birth plan.

8 Con: It Doesn’t Allow For Flexibility

There are times when after you write something down for how you want a plan to go you will not become flexible and allow changes to it. This is also true when it comes to birth plans.

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There are times when people have written down birth plans and when things ha to change they took it very hard since it was “not in the plan.” this kind of mindset is not good for you or your baby. Allow flexibility in your birth plan since it is not set in stone.

7 Pro: Keeps You And Your Doctor On The Same Page

Labor can be a time when you are not able to say everything that you are thinking due to you being focused on how you are during in the process. Creating a birth plan can easily help you and your doctor stay on the same page when it comes to what you want in your labor. Since you wrote it down you can have your partner bring it with you and share it with your doctor on the big day. Make communicating with your doctor easier by creating a birth plan.

6 Con: Might Make You Think There Is A Wrong Way To Have Your Baby

If you are taking out the time to write out a birth plan and things do not goas you wrote it you can become upset. But it’s not just that- some women can even feel like they give birth the wrong way if it doesn’t go according to their birth plan.

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Even if your labor did not go as you want it to there is no wrong way to give birth and birth plans can put a negative thought birth in their minds. If you are writing a birth plan just know that if it doesn’t go how you want it you still gave birth the right way!

5 Pro: Help You Feel More In Control

One reason why many women like to write out a birth plan is that it gives them a sense of control. Labor can be scary and if you do not know what is going to happen since you have your first baby, you might find a great way to get rid of those feelings and help you feel more in control is to write out a birth plan. This can help moms during labor stay calm since they wrote about what they wanted to happen. Gain control of what is going to happen with your labor and write out a birth plan.

4 Con: Your Nurse Don’t Actually Read It

Something that many people do not know about when it comes to creating birth plans is that nurses don’t actually read them. A birth plan is for you and what you want to communicate for your doctors.

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Though nurses will let you tell them about it, nurses shift can change when you are in labor and they might not fully remember what you told them with the plan since they check on multiple patients when they do their rounds. Make sure that you are aware that your nurse isn’t going to be asking if you have a birth plan when you check-in for your labor.

3 Pro: Helps You Feel Prepared

Before your baby arrives you might be the kind of person who did her research. You talked to friends about their labor, you read articles, look at magazines, even taking breathing classes, and you still might not feel prepared when it comes to the big day. One way that helps many expecting moms feel better is to spend time writing out a birthing plan. This can help several women since you are picturing yourself on the day of the labor and delivery and end up making them feel more prepared.

2 Con: It Doesn’t Always Go As Planned

As much as you write down a birth plan that you love and want to happen things don’t always go as planned. It can even be to the point where nothing on your birth plan happens. This is not your fault this is just something that your baby needs and your way of labor and delivery isn’t theirs.

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Also, your doctor is going to make the call if things are going to need to change for you and your baby’s health. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself when it comes to writing a birth plan since you might not need it after all.

1 Pro: You’ll Know What’s Going On

One of the biggest reasons why women love to write out a birth plan is because it allows her to know what is going on during her labor. Labor can be a very overwhelming process if you are expecting your first child. This is because you have a lot of questions about what is going on. But if you do your research and create a plan it can help soothe your mind and body so you feel better about it when you are at the hospital. Make time before your due date to write out a birth plan.

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