Bizarre Report Claims Princess Charlotte’s Life Was In Danger At Harry & Meghan’s Wedding

A concerned citizen shared that the flowers on Princess Charlotte's head during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding were poisonous.

A report recently came in suggesting that Princess Charlotte was "at-risk" throughout the entire royal wedding. Of course, we were very intrigued by this report because from what we can remember Princess Charlotte looked perfectly fine throughout the entire ceremony. When we read more about the report we learned that the individual was concerned for her life due to the flowers that she was wearing on her head.

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The princess's flower crown was made up of flowers called Lily of the Valley. They are beautiful, but also poisonous. The person who made the report was concerned about Charlotte's life. Lily of the Valley can be deadly for children. Upon further research, we learned that these flowers are poisonous and could be deadly if ingested. The concerned citizen was pointing out that Charlotte could have died at any point during the wedding.


We understand the concern, but Meghan was not intentionally putting Charlotte at risk. And in order for them to be dangerous Charlotte would have had to take off her flower crown and start eating her flowers. We think that would be highly doubtful considering her age and her mom was standing right next to her throughout the entire ceremony. It's unlikely that Princess Charlotte would have taken off her crown and started eating the flowers. Her parents and the many other people watching her were most likely not going to let her eat her flowers regardless of whether they are poisonous or not.

It is very important to be cautious with children and to keep them as safe as possible but this seemed to be quite the bizarre report that seemed quite unnecessary. As a rule of thumb though, parents should be careful around any type of plant or flower and should not let their kids eat them. If your child does consume a plant or a flower you should always call poison control to see if you should take your child to the emergency room.

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