Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Are Feuding About Daughter Dream Appearing On TV

Dream Kardashian, like all of the Kardashian kiddos, has made various appearances on the family’s reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Last year, an entire episode was dedicated to celebrating the 3-year old's birthday, even though her father Rob Kardashian hasn’t made a cameo in well over a year.

But despite Rob’s willingness to have her on KUWTK, it appears he doesn’t feel the same way about Dream appearing on her mother’s new docu-series, The Real Blac Chyna. Evidently, Rob reached out to his ex-fiancée Chyna through his lawyer in order to inform her she didn’t have his consent to film their daughter for the show.

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This, in turn, made Chyna lash out online last Saturday through several angry messages posted to Instagram in which she shared her side of things. “It is very unfortunate that Rob could not simply have an adult conversation with me ‘the mother of his child,’” the celebrity wrote. She claimed that not only did Rob accuse her of subjecting their daughter to long hours on set, but also being present during questionable scenes.

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In a preview for the docuseries, Chyna was shown getting into a verbal and physical altercation with her mother, Tokyo Toni, who she’s long had a tumultuous relationship with. However, Chyna stated that Dream wasn’t anywhere near the two of them when the fighting took place. “I would never allow my daughter to be present as me and my mom tried to work through our many issues to reach peace in our relationship,” the 30-year old wrote.

Chyna went on to criticize Rob for not contacting her directly but instead using his lawyer to do the deed. She also said that she has full control over when and how their child is filmed. “Again, had Rob directly contacted me to discuss, he would have learned that as Executive Producer of my show, I have the ability to control which scenes are included in the show,” she wrote. Chyna then went on to point out that KUWTK has filmed Dream without her consent, so it seems like a double standard that she’s not allowed to do the same with her child.

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This whole drama is reminiscent of only last year when Chyna launched a lawsuit against Rob and the Kardashian Klan for allegedly getting her reality show cancelled following her break-up from Rob. Though the suit was eventually dismissed, Chyna has long accused the Kardashians of going out of their way to ruin her projects and business ventures. And given what she said about Rob online, it appears that the mom-of-two still feels that way.

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