Blake Lively Was In Labor But She Managed To Drive Ryan Reynolds To The Hospital

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are known for trolling each other on social media, playfully spilling some of their marital secrets. The latest bombshell comes from the Deadpool 2 star, when he attempted to get his wife to share a big secret to her upcoming film.

It all started when Lively posted the trailer to her new film, A Simple Favor. The movie also stars the lovely Anna Kendrick. In the trailer the question arises “What happened to Emily?”, who is the character played by Lively.


Well, she used Twitter to ask the question, doing her part to promote the film, but Reynolds could not hold back in demanding his wife tell him what happened to Emily. The father of two basically told his baby mama it was okay for her to tell him because they are married, but in the process the actor spilled a juicy family secret. He let Twitter know that Lively actually drove him to the hospital once when she was in labor.

Now Reynolds didn’t go into detail about their family adventure but shared the news like it was common knowledge. As hilarious as this is to imagine, we cannot confirm that this is something that actually happened. Some sources are saying that Reynolds is just trolling his wife. But, seriously can’t you just see a pregnant Lively having contractions while her funnyman husband sits in the passengers seat? We can and it is perfection.

In keeping in line with their awesome social media banter, the Gossip Girl alum didn’t get mad. She playfully responded to her husband's big reveal.

“Oh darling, of all the secrets I’m keeping from you, this should be the LEAST of your concerns… trust me,” tweeted the actress.

This most recent interaction between Lively and Reynolds on Twitter it is pretty par for the course with the couple. Their witty banter makes fans love them even more. The parents of James, age 3, and Inez, age 1 ½, definitely keep their fans wanting more of their amazing social exchanges.

Blake Lively also recently deleted all of her Instagram posts and unfollowed her husband, which turned out to be in preparation to promote A Simple Favor. However, Ryan Reynolds had fans in stitches when he used her actions as a way to make fans laugh. He joked it was a terrible way to find out he had been kicked out of his own house.

Reynolds and Lively are one of our favorite Hollywood couples and anyone who follows them on social media can see why. These two keep it so real!


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