Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Have Welcomed Baby Number 3!

Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively have welcomed their third child together. A rep has shared that the couple has had the baby, but we aren't sure when the baby was born.

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The couple has not yet officially announced the new baby because they are super private about their children. However, a media report confirms that the couple has had their third child. Since the couple has not yet announced that they had a baby, the baby might be close to two months now. The little baby joins the couples two older children; Inez, 2, and James, 4. Reynolds and Lively have always wanted to keep their children out out of the public eye. They believe that they decided to be famous and go into the entertainment industry but their children did not. Blake and Ryan want to make sure that their children choose to become famous if they ever want to follow down that path.

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The couple shared that that they were going to be having their third child back in May. They shared their new baby at the New York premiere of Reynolds’ film Pokémon Detective Pikachu when Lively debuted her bump. She joked on Instagram that she was a PokeMOM, adding: “Out now.” Blake Lively rocked her baby bump at the premiere and then confirmed that the couple would be having a third child. They were very excited for the new addition.

We know that the couple doesn't like sharing a lot of pictures of their children. We aren't sure when we will learn anything about the little one. We haven't even learned the child's name yet but we are looking forward to learning more when the couple has decided to share that information with the world.

Congratulations you guys on the new sweet little baby! We are very excited for your family and we are sure that your older kids are just loving on the new addition to the family. We hope that the little one is growing big and strong and that Lively is recovering nicely.

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