Blankets Are Accidentally Suffocating Babies And We Need To Make A Change

Babies being suffocated by blankets is one of the leading causes of infant death. We need to make some changes

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Suffocation by blankets is one of the leading causes of death in infants. Parents think, "it will never happen to me" until it does. Moms and dads are placing their little babies in their cribs with a blanket, a pillow, or a stuffed animal, and then the baby is being suffocated by those objects. Many parents believe that the baby needs a blanket for warmth or comfort, but it is actually much safer to just dress your baby warmer. Babies are also suffocating when kids are being placed into bed with mom and dad. The baby can sometimes get wrapped up in their parent's hefty comforter and not have the muscle strength to move out of the way.

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Many parents are convinced that their child is not going to get suffocated by the blanket because their baby is "smart enough" to move a blanket from their head. That just isn't so. Other parents believe that once their child has the ability to control their hands and roll then they should be able to place a child with a blanket in their crib. Once again, this statement is false. Many stories have surfaced about 5 and 6-month-old babies who are suffocating from blankets even though they are more than capable of moving around a little bit.


Babies should not have anything extra in their crib until they are at least one years old. Some parents don't even feel comfortable adding a blanket, or other bedding accessories until past their first birthday. Around 250 babies in the United States die each year from accidental suffocation. Of those babies, 70% of them are due to blankets and 20% of the deaths were caused by somebody rolling over on top of the baby and causing them to be suffocated. It is time to stop this high death rate and start practicing safe sleeping habits.

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Babies should not be sleeping in bed with mom and dad. Co-sleeping/bedsharing can be extremely dangerous. Not only can mom and dad roll on top of the infant, but the baby can also get suffocated by mom and dad's large blankets. Babies should be in a flat crib. They should not have any extra material in their cribs. They don't need bumpers, blankets, stuff animals, or pillows. Babies shouldn't be dressed in loose clothing or clothing with hoods. Dress your child, so they are the perfect temperature. We need to make a change and start saving some lives.