This Blood Test Can Diagnose Disorders While A Baby Is Still In The Womb

A new blood test can now determine issues with your unborn fetus and can even tell you the gender.

One of the biggest worries while pregnant is whether or not the baby is healthy. Not knowing if your unborn child has a very serious condition can keep you awake at night. Many parents spend the entire pregnancy thinking that their children are completely healthy and then when they give birth they are hit with horrifying news that their child has some sort of disorder that they hadn't been able to adequately prepare for. What if there was a way that parents could know about disorders of their child before the baby was even born?

VIA Naturopathic MD

A simple blood test is now available for parents where they can check to see if there are any disorders from the baby that can be diagnosed.  This blood test can bring comfort to parents, or it can prepare parents for the outcome of the pregnancy. Not only can this test diagnose disorders while still in the womb, but it can also determine gender.

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The blood test can be done as early as 10 weeks. The blood test can now check to see if the unborn baby has different medical issues such as down syndrome, sickle cell disease, Hemophilia, and even cystic fibrosis. This test wasn't necessarily created for parents to have the opportunity to abort their child if they find a very serious diagnosis. The test was created so parents could have the choice to handle the pregnancy as they seem fit. The test was also created so parents weren't "blindsided" at the birth of their baby.

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The early blood test can also determine the gender of the newborn baby. The test can determine gender by simply checking the mother's chromosomes. A woman has XX chromosomes. Therefore, if XY chromosomes are detected in a woman then the mother is carrying a boy. Parents are really excited about the prospect of being able to find the gender earlier. Many parents become extremely anxious waiting until 20 weeks to find out gender is very difficult when you are just "dying" to figure out. We know that "back in the day" they couldn't figure out until the baby is born, but it's awesome to know earlier so you can prepare for your new baby.

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