Bluebell Launches Wearable Monitors For Baby And Parents

Tangerine, a design agency, and Bluebell collaborated to develop a smart baby monitor. The goal was to create an intuitive, more useful baby monitor to help parents take care of their kids. With this technology in parents’ hands, they can rest easier knowing that their baby is safe.

Traditional baby monitors will only alert parents if the child is crying. More advanced versions also come with a camera so that parents may watch over their kids while they’re not in the same room. While these can be helpful to a certain extent, they don’t alert the parent for specific needs. Ultimately, parents have to guess whether or not what they’re hearing or seeing is a sign of something wrong.

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The start-up was founded by three fathers who are also healthcare professionals. They wanted more from baby monitors, but there weren’t any in the market that offered more than a simple, surface-level alert. It was important to them that they know a baby’s temperature, breathing rate, position, hours slept, and activity, so they decided to make their dream assistant.

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The smart monitor attaches to the baby’s clothing and sends alerts to a wearable wristband or an app. The devices allow parents to monitor their child’s activity, health, and sleep patterns. Once programmed to the specific child’s needs and habits, the app will alert parents if there is anything that deviated from the normal. The wristband reminds parents of things to do like changing diapers or feeding time. It will also recommend any changes that could improve the baby’s health. On top of that, there's the option to have a Smart Hub placed in a baby’s room to monitor the room temperature and playing lullabies at night.

Furthermore, the app also monitors parents’ health. The technology will record the parent’s general mood, sleep patterns, step count, and diet. This gives the family a more complete picture on the health of the parent-child relationship. Through this, parents will be able to develop healthy and consistent routines for both them and their children. All of this is done through an intuitive, easy-to-use, and visually pleasing design.

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