Bode Miller Had To Deliver His Twins When The Midwife Didn’t Arrive In Time

Although there are plenty of books, blogs, and articles to help parents plan for their baby's delivery day, they still need to take into account the unexpected.

There have been many stories about women delivering babies in unlikely places and at inconvenient times. Even if there is a birth plan, babies don't always follow that plan. In these dire situations, parents have had to take matters into their own hands in order to bring their baby safely into the world. Now imagine having to do it twice for twins.

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Olympic and World Champion skier Bode Miller and his wife Morgan Beck Miller, professional beach volleyball player, literally welcomed twin boys into their arms on Friday, Nov 8. Miller shared via Instagram that he had to help deliver his babies because the midwife did not make it in time for their home birth. Miller’s mother, a midwife herself, also helped deliver the twins.

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Miller said delivering his babies was, “one of the more crazy things [he’s] experienced”. That’s saying a lot because Miller has skied all over the world and is one of the most accomplished skiers in the sport. He has won gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships. He also has won medals in five different disciplines of skiing, a feat only a few other skiers in the world have achieved.

As for his wife, Morgan, she has also accomplished much in her professional and personal life. Not only has she birthed five children, but Beck has played for UC Berkley as an outside and middle hitter and also for the US national volleyball team. She even modelled for a Nike campaign called "Boom", and later appeared in Complex magazine as "One of the 25 Hottest Athletes on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team." However, it's safe to assume that she prides herself more in her family life than anything else. She said the birth of their twins was “pure magic”.

Before the twins, Miller and Beck welcomed three children together, Nash, Easton, and Emmeline. They also parent Miller’s older children from previous relationships, Nyseen Dace, and Samuel Bode (who goes by "Nate").

The twins, whose names have yet been announced, are very special to the Millers because their arrival comes just over a year after the death of their 19-month old, Emmeline, following a drowning accident. When announcing the pregnancy with the twins a year ago, Miller noted on Instagram that “Emmeline had her hands in this miracle somehow”. Everyone in the family is so excited for the twins and the world can't wait to see more from them.

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