Bode Miller's Wife Morgan Shares Her Beautiful Baby Bump On Instagram

Olympic skier and World Championship gold medalist, Bode Miller, and his wife Morgan are proud to share that they're expecting identical twin boys this November. After announcing the pregnancy back in August, the couple has received ample support with the hardship they've endured over the past couple of years.

After the tragic loss of their baby girl, Emmy, in a drowning accident last June, the couple has been trying to stay positive throughout this pregnancy while still dealing with the grief of losing their daughter. Drowning in a backyard pool, the 19-month-old died in hospital the next day, leaving the Miller family stricken with grief.

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Pregnant with a singleton, baby Easton, at the time of Emmy's death, the Millers were unsure how they could love another baby after such tragedy. Now, Easton is 10-months-old and he, along with his other siblings, Nash, 4, Samuel, 6, and Neesyn, 11, will be welcoming two new siblings very soon.

The couple, who had always wanted twins, were shocked when the ultrasound technician said there were two babies. Bode wasn't at the initial appointment with Morgan but was ecstatic to hear the good news.

Truly believing Emmy played a part in the miracle, the couple feels connected to the twins more than ever. In Morgan's Instagram post she writes, "From the beginning of this pregnancy, we knew Emmy had her hands in this miracle somehow."

Now nearing the end of her pregnancy, Morgan proudly shows off her baby bump on her Instagram story. With only about 2 months left until Morgan is full-term, the family excitedly awaits and prepares for the two new additions.

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In captioning the photo, Morgan explains that most days, like most women, she hates being pregnant, "but today, I was reminded that this belly has grown 5 healthy babies. It has been a home for the creation of life and played a monumental role in providing me with the love I get to feel every day."

Ending the post with, "I should give my body the same love it has provided me," Morgan indirectly speaks to all mothers out there who are upset at the look and feel of their pregnant/postpartum bodies. Mothers have been blessed with being able to create life and our image of a mother's body needs to shift to account for how miraculous it actually is- scars and all.

We wish the Miller family the best of luck on their new adventure as a family with the upcoming birth of their newest baby boys.

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