Bode And Morgan Miller's Midwife Remembers Their Late Daughter One Year After Her Death

Morgan and Bode Miller share the birth of their new son and how they lost their child almost a year ago. The family urges all families to practice water safety this summer.

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It has been almost one year since the passing of Bode and Morgan Miller's 19-month-old daughter. One year ago their sweet little princess, Emeline, drowned in a pool. Morgan still believes that she is in a dream when she thinks about the loss of her little Emma. She still can't believe it happened and she wakes up believing that they never lost her. It's almost summer and she wanted to make sure every parent is thinking about water and pool safety! The summer is coming and more people are going to be around pools and she wants to make sure people are aware of the dangers of water!

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Morgan's midwife, Meehleis,  shares the strength that Morgan had bringing Emeline into this world. She shares that Morgan had the stomach flu and was sick and exhausted. She dug deep and was able to bring the baby to this earth even though her body was not in a position to deliver. She brought this baby in with full force and you could instantly see the love that Morgan had for Emma.

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Meehleis shares that little Emma's life was short, but she was a fierce force and she made an impact on this world and this family! She will never be forgotten. When Morgan and Bode lost their sweet little Emma, Morgan was 5 months pregnant with their fourth child. She was pregnant with her son while she had to deal with the excruciating pain of dealing with a loss of a child. A pain that none of us ever want to go through. A parent's worst nightmare.

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The Miller family didn't share their new child to the world. They kept him a secret. They formally introduced their son when he was about 4 months old. They made sure that everybody knew that Emeline could never and will never be replaced. Their new son did not replace their daughter. Nothing ever will. There will be a missing piece from her heart. However, they also wanted to say that they love their little man and they are so blessed to have him in their lives. She feels like her son is the connection between the heaven and the earth. She feels like her son was able to meet Emma before he was sent down here. We are so extremely sorry for your loss. There is nothing we can say that can help you through this grieving process. Congratulations on your new boy!

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