Body Cam Shows Hero Police Officer Saving Baby Choking On Cracker

Body camera footage of officers saving a baby from choking on a cracker has been published, and the video shows the amazing work of all the police involved in the rescue. They were prepared to handle the situation, and they acted quickly. Thanks to their work, a toddler was saved from a goldfish cracker.

Amanda Zimmerman didn’t know what to do as her toddler choked on a goldfish cracker he was eating. The toddler, MJ, was beginning to turn purple and he couldn’t breathe at all. Within minutes, he could die, and his mother was panicking. Thankfully, police arrived on the scene to help out.

An officer immediately took the baby and flipped him over so his face is facing the ground. He began to calmly perform first aid. The officer can be seen constantly thumping the baby’s back with firm hits in an attempt to dislodge the cracker from his throat. He called for help from his fellow officers who were getting the first aid kid. In the video, the officer can be heard asking if someone can get the object out of the toddler’s throat. After more chest compressions and some first aid, the baby was able to breathe. The ambulance arrived, and MJ was rushed to the hospital.

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The other officers who arrived on the scene helped keep Zimmerman calm. Since she was hysterical, understandably because she was afraid her baby would die, she wasn’t in the best condition to help out. In the body cam footage, officers can be seen removing her from the situation, sitting beside her, and trying to keep her calm as their colleagues rescued her baby. Thankfully, MJ is alive and well, and his mother is forever grateful for the fast-acting policemen.

It’s important that everyone knows the basics of CPR because one can never know when it’s needed. Especially for those who are around toddlers a lot, knowing how to dislodge something from their throats is important because curious kids just put random things in their mouths. Even if they’re edible, they can still swallow them too quickly.

In case of a child choking, you firmly hit the child’s back in between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand. You should keep doing this until the object gets dislodged. After, perform CPR if necessary, and make sure the medics were called.

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