Mom's Rude Comments Ruin Her Daughter's Pregnancy Announcement

Announcing a pregnancy to loved ones should be a proud and happy moment, but one mom's excitement was shut down by body shaming comments from her own mother.

After sharing the happy news over Christmas dinner, this woman's mother spoiled it by saying that she had already figured it out herself. While the expecting mom had a feeling this was a stab at her having gained weight, she gave her mom the benefit of the doubt. She tried to subtly save an awkward situation by suggesting that perhaps her mom had noticed how tired she was, that she had abstained from alcohol, or that she wasn't eating much. However, the soon to be grandmother didn't take any of her daughter's hints and instead came out with it.

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She responded, "I was looking at your body on Thanksgiving and saw how it had changed!"

Well, the pregnant mom was only eight weeks along, meaning that she was certainly not showing yet. Her mother's comments about her body looking pregnant cut deep, especially as she'd been working out and considered herself to be in good shape.

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Feeling overwhelmed by her mom's hurtful comments, the woman turned to Reddit for support. After sharing her story, she was overwhelmed by positive responses from her readers. A few were even a bit sassy, suggesting she serve her mother a taste of her own medicine by suggesting she had put "sympathy weight" the next time they saw each other. While that may not be the most mature or helpful response, at least it probably made the self-conscious mom-to-be smile.

The main lesson from this story is that no one should ever comment on a woman's body. If she appears pregnant, it's no one's business to inquire. If she's gained or lost weight, no vocal observation is necessary. Even if it's known that she's pregnant and pretty far along, it is still her body and she doesn't deserve to hear remarks objectifying it. Say it louder for the people in the back!

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