Boomer Is A Big Brother: The Phelps Family Welcomes Baby

Boomer Phelps is a big brother. Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday, February 13th.

The 28 time Olympic medalist announced his new bundle of joy’s arrival on Instagram. Beckett Richard Phelps was introduced to the world with his brother, 2-year-old Boomer, and mom holding him. Big brother looks very excited that his baby brother Beckett is here. The swimmer went on to explain both mom and their new addition are doing just fine.

Last summer, the couple announced they were expanding their family from five to six. The Phelps family have two dogs they love dearly. In August, the Olympian used social media to reveal his wife was pregnant and to ponder whether the new baby would be a boy or a girl.

“Number 2 on the way!!!! So excited!! Wonder if it's a boy or a girl??” wrote the now father of two.

Michael wasn’t the only Phelps to use social media to announce the birth of baby Beckett. Boomer also posted a loving message to his new sibling on Instagram. Yes, the Phelps oldest son has his own Instagram account and he has over 1 million followers. Along with being a social media sensation, the toddler gained attention for watching his dad in the stands during the 2016 Sumer Olympic Games in Rio.

Phelps has yet to share where he and Nicole came up with their new son's name, but we are hoping it is as good of a story as why they chose Boomer’s name. The swimmer revealed on Jimmy Fallon a few weeks after his first son was born that the couple simply didn’t have another name. Someone suggested it and it just kind of stuck with them.

Michael Phelps and is wife of almost two years, Nicole Johnson, have welcomed their second son. The most famous swimmer of all time won’t be in the pool in Tokyo in 2020, but he is still training hard and keeping busy. Now that he has two kids under the age of 3 at home, his life is about to get really chaotic!

Congrats to Michael, Nicole, and Boomer on the arrival of their new addition, baby Beckett.

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