Boomer Phelps Turns 2

With a name like Boomer, you've got to expect that a birthday party has to have an extra layer of fun. It's just such a fun name! According to photos posted on his very own Instagram account, it looks like Boomer Phelps lived up to his fun-sounding name on Saturday when he turned 2 years old.

Proud papa Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, 32, took to his own Instagram account to wish his son a happy birthday.

"Happy bday @boomerrphelps !! I love you so much little man... may this be your best 2nd bday your heart dreamt of!".


The swimmer also posted a photo of his wife, Nicole Johnson, Miss California USA 2010, with the couple's two boys, Boomer and baby Beckett, 2 months, outside near the pool. Johnson holds the boys, who are dressed in identical blue striped onesie pajamas, in her lap.

"And @boomerrphelps bday weekend continues! #matchingpJs," Phelps posted on his Instagram.

Boomer took time from the busy birthday celebrations to tend to his Instagram account as well. Okay, we all know that Boomer doesn't write his own messages or post his own photos considering that he's a baby but it seems like his parents would like us to pretend that he does so we'll go with the cute ruse.


"So I guess today is my birthday?!!" a post on Boomer's Instagram account read. "It’s been so much fun playing in the pool and hanging out with my fam today! Time to take a nap and see what other amazing things are planned for later". Such a good vocabulary and excellent punctuation skills for such a little boy! The photo accompanying the text has Boomer wrapped in an adorable panda-style towel robe.

Boomer's only previous birthday had a "shark attack" theme. No word yet on what the theme was for this birthday or if there even was a theme. Sometimes the best parties are the ones that never had any real plans to begin with, just spending quality time with family. And with a two month old in the home, it's kind of understandable that Phelps and Johnson wouldn't be too keen on planning an huge extravagant birthday party. Better to save some of that energy for when Boomer is at an age that he can actually remember his party anyway!

Happy birthday, little guy! All the best, Boomer!


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