Boppy Recall Hits Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, Target & Other Massive Retailers

There are new reports that indicate the Boppy Company has recalled its infant head and neck supports after it was found that the products pose a suffocation hazard. So far there are two styles of the Boppy Head and Neck support that are being recalled by Target, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon and many other retailers that carry the brand.

According to Consumer Affairs' latest report, parents are being urged to discontinue the use of the Boppy Head and Neck pillows that are either in the Ebony Floral or Heathered Gray designs. They come with the model numbers 4150114 and 4150117. Those parents who bought the products can find the model numbers printed on the fabric label on the back of the head support, which is also designed to be used as infant swings, bouncers and strollers.

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The Boppy Head pillows were sold at many popular retailers including but not limited to Target, Buy Buy Baby, any many more. They sold for about $20 each. They were also sold between the months of March and May of this year. It’s also been noted that the support accessories have been manufactured in China.

So far there have been no major injuries reported, however, health professionals are concerned that the pillow can cause an infant to tilt their head forward, which might lead to serious injuries. There have been three reports of babies heads’ being pushed forward so much so that their chins touched their chest.

With that said, parents are also being reminded to always supervise or keep an eye on their children while they are using any sort of pillows, play accessories or other household gear that can pose a significant risk to their health or well-being.

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While no additional details have been given at press time, consumers are being urged to stop using the support and contact Boppy directly for a full refund. If parents have any additional questions or concerns, The Boppy Company can be reached toll-free at 888-772-6779 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. mountain time. In addition, you can also click on “Important Recall Information” at the top of the page for more information.

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