Boss Tells New Mom She Can't Pump At Work

This woman's boss is making it almost impossible for her to pump while at work and she is afraid that she might be fired.

We have heard it time and time again, breast is best. We know that fed is best of course, but if you have the chance to feed your child breastmilk than that is ideal. It is hard when a mother is breastfeeding a baby and wants to continue feeding them breastmilk even after they have gone back to work. Breastfeeding working moms have to continue pumping at work in order to keep up their milk supply and have enough in their fridge to be able to feed their child while they are away.

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One mom said that she went back to work and her boss frowned upon her pumping. Right now the mom is having to go to the bathroom to pump her milk because her boss won't let her pump anywhere else. She asked if she could pump while at her desk, or doing her work, but then he said her only other option was to pump in the car. Her boss then complained that she was taking, "way too long" to pump and then also complained when he saw breastmilk in their company break-room fridge. This poor mom wants to continue working, but she thinks if she continues pumping that she will get fired.

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It is crazy that in 2019 women are still having to fight for their right to pump and breastfeed their baby in public. There is even a law that allows mothers to have time to pump milk while they are at work. Employers are forced under the law to allow women adequate enough time to express milk during their "nursing breaks" and they must also provide a place other than the bathroom to be able to pump. The mother is protected under this law until the baby has reached one year old.

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It is really sad that laws had to be created to protect nursing and pumping mothers. Mothers are still getting dirty looks when they are breastfeeding in public and working moms are still getting ostracized for having to pump during work. This poor mom should be able to pump wherever she would like and she shouldn't ever feel bad for putting her milk in their fridge. The boss is basically getting mad that she is feeding her baby. Is he too immature to understand that babies drink from breasts? Hopefully, this mother can help her boss understand her rights as a pumping mom.

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