Boy Or Girl? 15 Ways To Influence The Baby's Gender

Some have wishes and visions of frilly pink dresses while some have visions of race cars and bow ties. They say girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice and boys are made of snips, snails and puppy-dog’ tails.

The truth is, when it comes to trying to conceive a little girl or a little boy, there is so much that goes into what gender sperm will cross the finish line. They say the man determines the gender of the baby, which is true, but there are ways a woman can help the process to get whatever gender is desired.

Some do not care about the gender of their baby, and some desperately want a certain gender. There are some ways to influence the gender of a child, some make sense, and some are very bizarre.

There are no guarantees but some people have found success through gender swaying methods. We know at the end of the day having a healthy and happy baby is the most important thing, but it would not hurt to try some gender swaying methods to see if getting a baby girl (or boy).

Some methods for gender swaying are super easy and do not take much change to one’s daily life while others are very... let’s say, interesting.

Did any of these tips work? We want to know!

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15 Drinking Cough Syrup Before Getting It On

Some thank cough syrup for the reason they have a boy. Drinking cough syrup before doing the deed can help those little boy swimmers cross the finish line. This supposedly works because the medicine thins the cervical mucus, which makes conditions down there favorable for the male sperm.

If this is something you’re interested in doing, look for a cough syrup that contains the ingredient guaifenesin, which is supposed to be the magic ticket to convening a boy. Be wary, many cough syrups contain antihistamines which will reduce wet cervical fluid, which is the opposite of what you want if you're hoping for a boy.

If you really want to try the cough syrup idea, choose a medicine which only has guaifenesin as the active ingredient.

14 Keeping His "Downtown Area" Cool

Image result for underwear on head

If parents want to try for a boy, it is rumored that your guy should keep his “down there” area cool. That means no tight underwear or clothes and especially not hot baths.

Swap out those tighty whities for some boxer shorts. It is also a promising idea to avoid heated vehicles for extended duration or any other areas of high heat.

He needs to treat his “down there” like precious jewels and be very aware of what they encounter if you are hoping for a boy. Apparently, a high fever can also affect your guys sperm as much as a hot bath, this can decrease sperm count by up to 35% following a fever.

Conceiving a certain gender can be tricky, but some people swear by this method.

13 Doing Different Positions In Bed

There is no true hard science between sex positions and gender, but some swear by this.

Apparently the doggie style position is favored for conceiving a boy because it allows for deeper penetration and during ejaculation the male sperm is deposited closer to the cervix. Remember, the boy sperm are faster but do not live long, so the less distance they have to travel the better. Another position is doing it standing up.

This also enables deep penetration and gives the boy sperm an advantage being that they have to swim upward against gravity to get to the egg. This is not backed by science, but it is absolutely worth a try….and may feel really good too!

When trying for a girl, missionary or girl on top is best. Your guy should ejaculate as close to the opening of your v as possible, making it more difficult for boy sperm to reach your egg and die off faster.

12 Tracking Ovulation

Girl sperm (x chromosome) travel slower than boy sperm (y chromosome.) This can make things either convenient or really tricky depending on what you want.

Girl sperm live longer than boy sperm even though boys swim faster. The shettles method is based around the idea that timing is the most crucial factor in sex determination. This method claims a 75% success rate.

To conceive a boy, it is important to have sex while you are ovulating and for a girl, you should have sex two to four days before ovulation. Having sex before ovulation is based around the idea that the male sperm will die off and only the female sperm will be left.

This is not a guaranteed method, but it is worth a shot.

11 Drinking Coffee To Get The Swimmers Moving

Is your man a coffee lover? That may be good news if you’re trying for a baby boy! Some claim that drinking coffee (or any other caffeinated drink) about fifteen to thirty minutes before sex gives sperm an extra boost of energy.

There is no scientific guaranteed backing to this, but some people claim that it works like a charm. It makes sense though, caffeine affects many different areas of the body. We know that coffee makes the heart pump blood faster, which in turn, provides your guys reproductive better supplied with blood, making the ejaculation more powerful. This helps give those boy sperm an extra (much needed) push, and hopefully leaving those girl sperm in the dust.

Its probably bet to avoid doing this at night time, unless your guy wants to be caffeinated up right before bed!

10 Following The Chinese Lunar Calendar

The Chinese birth chart is a calendar for gender prediction or planning. This chart was originally found in an ancient tomb over five hundred years ago.

It is said to be over 90% accurate. This chart focuses on the mothers age and the month of conception to determine what gender she would conceive on what month and what age.

There is no guarantee that the birth chart works perfectly in all situations and there is no scientific evidence to prove its prominent level of accuracy. A lot of people swear by this, and is up to you to determine if you want to put the fate of your future babies gender in the hands of a 12thcentury myth.

This method has skyrocketed in popularity with expectant mothers, most love to give this a try but there is a lot of mystery behind this old technique.

9 Whether Or Not She Finishes In Bed

Orgasm and gender It seems that men have pretty much all of the biological say in if you’re having a boy or a girl, but there are some things you can do to help.

Some claim, that orgasm (or lack thereof) is a crucial factor in conceiving a girl or a boy. If you have your fingers crossed for a baby boy, tell your guy to get working on your orgasm! The female orgasm releases alkaline secretion, which may help boy sperm swim and survive longer.

The female orgasm creates a less hostile environment for those boy swimmers. Without this secretion, the boy sperm may find it harder to swim. You have control over making sure your environment “down there” is either boy sperm or girl sperm ready. To orgasm, or not to orgasm, that is the question.

8 Eating Ice Cream, Yogurt, And Cheese Galore!

So, by now you understand that a woman can alter her uterine environment and make it more attractive to either boy or girl sperm. If you want a baby girl, it’s time to consume an ample amount of dairy products.

Do not add salt during food preparation and steer clear of potatoes due to their high potassium content (that attracts boy sperm.) It is also smart to up your water consumption to aid in calcium absorption, and consume eggs and white or brown rice.

If you absolutely need to consume coffee, you can consume one very weak cup due to its high potassium content. This diet is safe to follow for a few months before conception, but once you find out your pregnant a wholesome diet is crucial.

7 Got 15k Laying Around?

If all else fails, you can choose the gender of your baby for thousands of dollars.

This process is called PGD which is short for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Fertility doctors can also aid in the sex-selection process. The pro to this, is that if the process goes well, and no embryo's are lost, you should be able to choose what gender baby you want. There are cons to this, that include of course, the price, and also a lot of backlash.

This is a practice that gets a lot of criticism due to risk of sexist preferences and lopsided populations. This is not an overly popular procedure, but it does exist, and it does have a high success rate. If you do not have fertility issues to begin with, you most likely will not be eligible for IVF for the strict purpose of gender selection.

6 Stressing Out Might Be A Good Thing

If you want a son, you may want to relax a little bit. If you’re wanting a baby girl, go ahead and sweat the small stuff.

Some claim that pregnant woman who suffer from high stress levels are more likely to have a baby girl than mamas with low stress levels. Its rumored that maybe cortisol (our bodies primary stress hormone) levels affects how likely female and male embryos are to implant themselves in your womb.

High stress levels are not healthy in general, so it is not advised to purposely add a bunch of extra stress into your life just to have a baby girl. Stress during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure, which is not something you want to be dealing with.

If you already live a relaxed life style, you may have the right ticket for a boy, if you have more stress in your life, you may be having a girl!

5 Doing The Deed When It's A Full Moon

Studies have shown that doing the deed at the time of a full moon shows can give you a baby girl. There is no science to back up this claim, but many swear by this.

Some believe that during a new moon phase, a woman’s egg attracts girl sperm and during a full moon phase it attracts boy sperm. If you ovulate during a full moon phase there is a chance you will get pregnant with a boy.

To track this, you can get a calendar with the moon phases. You also need to know exactly when you ovulate. The combination of those two things can (potentially) set you up for success in having the gender of your choice! Some also believe the sign the moon is in during time of conception can determine the sex of your baby.

If the moon is in Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, cancer you apparently should have a girl and if the moon is in Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius or Aquarius you may have a boy.

4 How Many Times A Week For A Boy?

It is believed that if you want to have sex with a girl, it is best to have sex more often. If you combine that with tracking ovulation, it gives girl sperm an advantage. Since girl sperm can survive inside the reproductive tract for up to five days, the more sex the merrier!

The opposite is true with conceiving a boy, if you want a little boy, only have sex when you are ovulating. Since girl sperm stick around longer, there may be less to worry about. This issue with boy sperm is that they die off fast, so getting them to the finish line during ovulation is key. Restraining from sex up until that time is best for boy sperm because it saves up for the best semen quality.

3 Taking Certain Vitamins

Taking specific supplements and vitamins can help conceive. Consult with your doctor before trying any new supplements. Evening primrose oil is thought to help the boy sperm by increasing the production of inner cervical mucus which will protect the weaker sperm so they can get through to the finish line.

Folic acid can be helpful to increase male sperm count and quality of sperm. Anthocyanis (say that five times fast) is a compound found in berries and cabbage that can help make your “down there” healthier and better support the boy sperm. To conceive a girl, calcium and magnesium vitamins are a thought.

Vitamin C increases acidity an cranberry lowers pH- both making the environment perfect for girl sperm. It would not hurt dad-to- be either to jump on this train, its healthy for everyone involved!

2 Eating Healthy Greens

Diet is said to play a crucial role in the gender of your future bundle of joy. For a boy, it advised to consume at least 2,500 calories per day. It is also advised to eat breakfast, but make sure to avoid dairy products.

It is suggested that you consume foods that will change the chemistry of your body to become more alkane and perfect for boy sperm. It is said to start this diet one month prior to trying to conceive. Your diet should consist of potassium (potatoes, broccoli, bananas, spinach etc.)

It would be a good idea to add almonds, pine nuts, and bread to your diet as well. Steer clear of spicy foods, citrus juice and most fruits. So if your aiming for a boy, you should cold turkey the chocolate ice cream at night and substitute a salad.

1 Certain Types Of Drinks

Adding citrus fruit drinks (except lemon) like orange juice is known to make your internal pH more acidic. Girl sperm love acidic environments, so drinking a glad of orange juice can make your “down there” girl friendly, and it also can give you some extra good nutrients for your day.

It is recommended for those of you who want a baby boy to have your guy (and hey, pour yourself a glass, its super healthy!) consume more pomegranate juice. Pomegranate juice is very rich in antioxidant ingredients.

These ingredients are important because they improve the quality and quantity of your guys sperm. IF you’re wanting a baby boy, its best to have your man limit his alcohol consumption. Alcohol reduces levels of testosterone which makes sperm less powerful.

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