Boy Or Girl: What Dad Wants Based On His Zodiac

Let’s face it, not everyone believes in horoscopes. Actually, there are most probably more people in the world that do not believe in horoscopes than those who do. Whether it interests someone or not, it is always very fun to know what astrology has to say about someone. Everyone enjoys finding out what their sign means and what fields of work they should study based on their sign because often times, astrology tells them what they want to hear, which feels good!.

In this article, the sun sign of someone’s astrology chart will be explained. The sun sign has the largest influence on the individual’s personality. Besides the sun sign, there’s the moon sign which represents the response someone has to daily life, therefore taking their emotions and moods into consideration. Another important placement to know is the rising sign also known as the Ascendant which takes part in someone’s appearance and personality, influencing someone’s physical characteristics. There are other aspects like the signs in Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto and the houses which complete someone’s chart. The more someone finds out about their personal chart, the more they will find out about themselves.

Make sure to read this article next to the significant other, the husband, or the boyfriend that is involved in the future baby’s life! Happy reading!

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If someone is born during March 20th and April 19th, their sun sign will be in Aries which means that they would prefer to have a baby boy as their first child. The Aries man is the typical manly man that society makes us believe how every man should be. They like to be in charge and they have an extreme love for sports. They are the type of fathers that will take their baby boys to go play soccer in the park or hockey on the street. They will constantly support them in the sport they choose to play and they will be at every game making sure the referee does not pull a bad call. Even if he is not the coach’s assistant, he’ll definitely act like he is.

23 ARIES DAD With A GIRL: Hopefully She's Adventurous

An Aries dad does prefer a baby boy however, if his wife or girlfriend or significant other does have a baby girl as their first child, he will love them just as much because who wouldn’t! The Aries dad will be a very devoted parent since he wants his children to be very successful and independent leaders. He will be the parent who motivates his child to be the best child they can be and to become whatever they would enjoy becoming; it does not matter what gender they are, the sky is the limit! The Aries dad will definitely be the excited and impatient parent that always wants to have fun, so calmness and patience is needed in the other parent.

22 TAURUS DAD Wants: To Protect A GIRL

If someone is born between April 20th and May 20th, their sun sign is in Taurus. The Taurus dad is a very dependable parent and he will always be there to support his child. He is very stable and traditional which makes him protective over his newborn baby girl. He may not be the most exciting father however, if a child is ever stuck in a situation, he is the parent that they will turn to. He is a very protective father like most fathers and he is also very nurturing so there is definitely a balance in the relationship he will have with his baby girl.

21 TAURUS DAD With A BOY: Must Watch His Temper

A baby boy would not be this father’s first choice however he will love any of his children just as much. The Taurus dad does not lose his temper very often which is great especially when handling a baby boy however when he explodes, no one wants to be in the same room as him that’s for sure! When he has children he will feel fulfilled and he will love raising his child. He will teach his boy many different aspects like how to be loyal, how to be dependable and patient, and he will also teach his children excellent values and morals.

20 GEMINI DAD Wants: A BOY Best Friend

If someone is born during May 21st and June 20th, their sun sign is in Gemini. The Gemini father’s choice of baby gender is a boy! Let’s meet the fun parent who does not have any rules whatsoever. He will have lots of fun with his son breaking rules, playing games, throwing snowballs at each other. The Gemini father will be his son’s best friend. The Gemini dad is very chatty, playful and he can oftentimes be very impulsive. He loves exploring and will definitely bring his boy along with him to show him the cool aspects life has to offer.

19 GEMINI DAD With A GIRL: The Teacher Dad

Since a Gemini dad does not play by the rules and is very easygoing, it will be somewhat difficult to be the protective father to his baby girl. His capacity to be very logical will definitely help him to teach his daughter a thing or two about life and his natural storytelling skills will make it very easy for him to improvise once its storytelling time. If his baby girl ever needs help with a situation if it’s a situational math question, a crossword question or a real life question, the Gemini father will always have the answer! He is very resourceful and informational.

18 CANCER DAD Wants: A GIRL To Nurture

If someone is born between June 21st and July 22nd, their sun sign is in Cancer. The Cancer dad’s child of choice is a girl of course because he is a water sign. These signs are very emotional, affectionate, nurturing, and extremely protective! They have a constant need to be involved in their child’s life which makes them very supportive of everything their child does as well as their child’s life choices. These fathers might be moody at times but they are very loving to their children. They are large supporters of their family and will never leave their family in a jam.

17 CANCER DAD With A BOY: A Bit Overbearing

Their child gender of choice is a baby girl however they will love any child they have! The Cancer dad has difficulty backing down from their child’s needs and they might be too occupied with the child’s life and what they are up to at all times which might not give the child some private time on his own. He enjoys building memories and bonding moments with his children and he will always try to capture the right picture to create the best memory. Even if his baby boy is being a troublemaker, he will find it difficult to get mad at him since he loves him so much!

16 LEO DAD Wants: A Little Princess Girl

If someone is born between July 23rd and August 22nd, their sun sign is in Leo. The Leo dad would prefer a baby girl as his newborn child! His baby girl will be his little princess and he will never be able to say no to her; he will definitely give her the world. A Leo dad is both protective and very loyal even if he does not seem like he is. The Leo dad will be the fun parent since he is very playful and he will always be playing with his children as well as playing jokes on them!

15 LEO DAD With A BOY: Mr. Embarrassing

The gender preference of a Leo dad is a girl however he would get along with a baby boy just as much because of his playfulness. His baby boy will feel at ease with his Leo dad since life will be seen as very fun and easygoing. The baby boy will have lots of fun with his dad as Leo dads are definitely big kids at heart. These fathers love children and every child they have, they will give as much attention to as possible and they will also nurture them until they grow up. Don’t be surprised if the Leo dad constantly embarrasses his son even when his son grows into an adult.

14 VIRGO DAD Wants: A BOY To Keep In Line

If someone is born between August 24th and September 22nd, their sun sign is in Virgo. The Virgo dad prefers the gender of his baby to be a boy. The Virgo dad loves children and having children however he might seem somewhat of a control freak at some times. They like discipline therefore they will not find it difficult to put their baby boy in place when he’s being a troublemaker. They are also fans of organization so the baby boy will also have to clean up his toys after he plays with them that’s for sure! His great communication skills will make it easy for his son to understand him when he does something wrong or if his father wants to give him a lecture about life, he will definitely understand him clearly as well.

13 VIRGO DAD With A GIRL: Pushes Her To Succeed

Just because the Virgo dad does prefer a boy as his first baby, it does not mean that he will not love a baby girl. As a matter of fact, he will love all of his children just as much. Virgo fathers are very intelligent and they are very good in business as well and these skills will be taught to his baby girl so when she grows up, she will be a genius just like her father. He will want the best for his child so he might be very pushy and hope she succeeds at everything she puts her mind to. However, he knows that life does not flow perfectly so if his child ever has problems or gets stuck in life, he will be there to give her the right guidance she needs to move forward.

12 LIBRA DAD Wants: A GIRL To Support

Someone who is born between September 23rd and October 22nd, has a sun sign in Libra. A Libra father prefers a baby girl as his newborn baby! A Libra dad will have a great relationship with his daughter and he looks for the beauty in life which will also be shown to his baby girl. They will understand what their daughter is going through sometimes and they will support her and make it easy for her to consult and to trust her father. He will make sure that his daughter is practicing her artistic side and he will always make sure that her creativity is pushed to full force at all times.

11 LIBRA DAD With A BOY: Discipline Difficulty

Even if the Libra dad’s first choice is a baby girl, he will still love his baby boy just as much. The Libra dad is very fair-minded which will make it easy for the parents to discuss whether or not they should punish their baby boy, (or baby girl of course) when he gets into trouble! He will teach his son very good manners and to have good taste in life since he has these traits himself. His love for music will transfer to his son and they might have different tastes in music, but it will still be their happy and bonding moment in their lives. Libra dads are very devoted to their children and their children will feel the love their father has for them at all times.

10 SCORPIO DAD Wants: A GIRL To Defend

Someone who is born between October 23rd and November 21st has a sun sign in Scorpio. A Scorpio dad prefers a baby girl over a baby boy as their first child since they are water signs and these signs are very emotional, nurturing, and loving to their children and to everyone they love. A Scorpio father will be very devoted and loyal to his baby girl. She will appreciate these traits and she will grow up to look for the same traits in a significant other. He will take raising his child very seriously and he will also teach her to stand up for herself if she ever needs to.

9 SCORPIO DAD with A BOY: Teaching Lessons For Protection

A Scorpio dad will definitely enjoy raising a baby boy just as much as a baby girl. He will have lots of fun telling his baby boy some of his life stories, and how to stand up for himself if he ever needs to. He will teach his baby boy to be observant of his environment at all times because it is great to connect with someone’s surroundings and who knows who someone can meet in their daily lives. They are the type of parents to make sure that their child never falls or never gets hurt and they will always catch the child before they are close to falling and getting hurt!


An individual who is born between November 22nd and December 21st has a sun sign in Sagittarius. A Sagittarius dad prefers a baby boy as opposed to a baby girl due to their fiery character. The Sagittarius father might not commit fully to his child however he will be seen as the fun parent. They love taking their children on adventures if it’s camping, hiking, or just playing sports and being athletic. The baby boy will see his father as more of a friend over a parent which will create great bonding moments however it will be very difficult for the dad to discipline his child if the opportunity ever arises.


A Sagittarius father will love all of his children like every father would however since he might lack on the commitment part, his daughter will need much more attention than he supplies her with that’s for sure. He will constantly push his daughter to do well in school since education is very important to him and he values knowledge. He will also constantly remind his daughter to shoot for the stars and to put her mind to what she wants to become and/or be. He will tell his daughter to pursue her dreams and ideas since life is not fun if someone does not follow their dreams!

6 CAPRICORN DAD Wants: A Practical BOY

An individual who is born between December 22nd and January 19th has a sun sign in Capricorn. A Capricorn father prefers a boy over a girl since they are very serious people and this ability makes it easy for them to discipline their little troublemakers! They are very practical and this characteristic will make them teach their baby boys how to do well with money, to be ambitious, and to of course work hard. They will also teach their children to go out and succeed and if their child ever gets stuck in a situation; they will help them out of it.

5 CAPRICORN DAD With A GIRL: All Quiet Order

A Capricorn father will teach the same lessons as he would to his son since women are as deserving. He will push his daughter to always work very hard and this might not be as fun for her but it will benefit her immensely in the future. He will never raise his voice to any of his children since he believes that screaming is not the way to discipline someone. There needs to be a balance of play and fun with a Capricorn dad therefore the mother will most definitely be the fun parent. He is a born leader and he will teach his baby girl to be a born leader just like him.

4 AQUARIUS DAD Wants: An Artistic GIRL

Someone who is born between January 20th and February 18th has a sun sign in Aquarius. An Aquarius dad will enjoy having a baby girl as his first baby! This father will be any creative little girl’s dream father. He is forward-thinking, open-minded, and very artistic. It is safe to say that his little baby girl will grow up to be just like her father. He will teach his daughter how to save the environment so she will grow up to teach the same to her children. He might not be able to coop with his daughter’s emotions at certain times since he’s an air sign however he must be reminded that it is okay to show and feel emotions.

3 AQUARIUS DAD With A BOY: The Reliable Dad


A baby girl would be this father’s first choice however he will love a baby boy just the same. He will be a very reliable father to his children since he will always be there for them and if his son ever gets into a situation he shouldn’t or is lost, this father will help him out of his rut. The Aquarius father values intelligence and he is very intelligent himself. He will make sure to pass this trait on to his son and he will always motivate his son to learn and study a topic that he is very passionate about.

2 PISCES DAD Wants: A GIRL To Spoil

Someone who is born between February 19th and March 20th has a sun sign in Pisces. A Pisces dad will prefer a baby girl over a baby boy since he is a water sign and these signs are very passionate, nurturing, loving, and extremely protective over their baby girls. A Pisces dad will always encourage his children to dream and to go after their dreams. He is very easygoing and he might be over sensitive at times with his girl’s needs giving her everything she wants. He might come across as lazy and undisciplined but that is mostly because he is very easygoing.

1 PISCES DAD With A BOY: Lax On Discipline

Of course he prefers a girl because he will be very overprotective however, since he is very easygoing a boy would match as well. He will teach his son to dream big as well however he will definitely need help to discipline his children. He will encourage his son to use his artistic side a lot and to always be creative in life. A Pisces dad is very compassionate towards his children which will make it easy for him to understand his child’s needs and to give him the right life lessons and advice he can possibly give. Since he is compassionate, he will love his children very much.

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