A Two-Year-Old Boy Wore A Dress To His Mom And Dad's Wedding (And Looked Adorable)

A 2-year old boy looked absolutely adorable while wearing a dress to his parents’ wedding.

Lauren Levy, the mother of the cute toddler, recently wrote a post for Café Mom explaining why she decided to allow her son to wear a dress to her nuptials. She and her husband share three children: two girls and a boy. She started off by explaining that her little boy began showing an interest in more feminine clothes from a young age.

“My gentle, sweet little boy first started to take an interest in wearing "girls" clothes when he began to like Minnie Mouse shortly before his second birthday,” she explained. At first, she was resistant to allow him to wear his older sisters’ clothing. But after thinking about it, Lauren says she couldn’t think of a good reason not to let him.

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“His sister has a red polka dot Minnie Mouse dress and one day about eight months ago, he brought it to me asking to wear it. I laughed and said ‘little mate, dresses aren’t for boys,’” she explained. “But then I stopped and questioned that. Why can't he wear it? Who is he hurting? Who makes these rules anyway?’

She says that it soon became normal for her son to wear whatever he wanted, whether they were deemed ‘girly’ clothes or not. “He has no idea he is a boy yet and doesn't bear the weight of society's expectations,’" she wrote. “My biggest concern wasn't anything to do with society, it was just that he would trip over something because the dress was quite long.”

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Initially, however, the mom-of-three wanted her son to wear a kilt for her wedding to honour her family’s Scottish heritage. But when she presented her son with the kilt, she explains he didn’t want to wear it. She went on to say she and her soon-to-be husband then tried to buy him a suit, which didn’t go over well, either.

“We then bought a little suit to look just like his dad's so they could be matching on the day. We brought it out for him to try on but he cried and got so upset,” Lauren explained. “That was the reaction every time he saw it and he refused to even try it on.”

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However, when he saw the dresses his sisters were supposed to wear, he had a completely different reaction. So, the parents decided to borrow a blue child’s dress from a friend and keep it on hand during the wedding day in case the toddler refused to wear the suit.

“My husband and I discussed it and said we would try the suit first, but if that failed, we would show him the dress,” she explained. “We both laughed about it because to us, it's not that big a deal, so it wasn't a hard decision. Ultimately, we knew the dress was what he was going to wear.”

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In the end, it turned into a touching moment. Lauren revealed, “The photographer captured the moments when my husband brought the suit out and then the dress, and the results were heartwarming. He loved it the minute he saw it.”

From now on, Lauren says they’ll just be “going with the flow” when it comes to what their children want to wear. They’re only clothes, after all!

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