The 10 Best Things About Having All Boys

Finding out you’re going to be the mama of a little boy can be daunting, especially if you didn’t grow up with brothers and are relatively unfamiliar with little boys and everything that comes along with them. Finding out that all your children are going to be boys, whether that’s two or three or seven, can feel terrifying, and it also might make you sad. Many moms of all boys admit to going through a grieving process for the little girl they’ll never have when they find out their last baby is a boy, and that is perfectly normal. If you’re feeling temporarily disappointed by similar news, this list of the ten best things about having all boys may help to cheer you up!

10 Built-In Bug Squishers

Okay, not all mamas are totally wigged out by creepy crawlies, but it’s still nice to always have someone around to kill them for you! Little boys tend to be quite content to capture and release (or try to keep in some cases) those little critters, or kill them if necessary. Just one of many things you can encourage to help them grow up into incredible gentlemen!

9 Closest Sibling Bond

A sibling bond is a sibling bond, no matter the sex of the kids, but there’s definitely something between brothers that is to be admired. Your boys will always have each other’s backs, at home against you, at school on the playground, and all throughout their lives.

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Plus there generally isn’t any bickering over clothes or time in the bathroom, so maybe there’s less fighting with brothers too?

8 Sharing Clothes

While brothers aren’t the siblings stereotyped for shopping together and sharing clothes, there is a huge clothing benefit to having all boys. While styles do change from season to season and year to year, boy clothes are generally pretty basic - jeans, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and they can be passed down to the next brother very easily! The one caveat to this of course is that sometimes boys are harder on their clothes and they may wear them out before they can be passed down.

7 Easier Teen Years

There’s no getting around the tough early years with boys. Whether you’ve had them close together to “get it over with”, or spread them out a little to save your sanity in-between, there’s no denying that boys are busy, rambunctious hooligans until they’re pre-teens (at least). The benefit to this of course is you get it out of the way while you’re young too, and then when your boys become teens, you will be sitting back and relaxing while your friends with girls are pulling their hair out with all the hormones, and attitudes, and boy drama. Those girl mamas are laughing now, but you’ll get your turn, don't you worry!

6 No Hair Stylists Required

Can you imagine the time it takes for a mom to do three little girls hair every morning for school? What about how long it must take to shampoo, condition, detangle, and comb after their baths?

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Of course boys like long hair too, but they don’t typically request intricate styles that require a stylist’s license to accomplish. And as they age, most boys don’t typically request trips to the salon for dye jobs that will cost you over $100 every 6 weeks either!

5 On-The-Go Bathroom Breaks

Three words: no toilet required. For this reason boys are not only easier to potty train - when they forget to tell you until the last second you can just find a bush, but it also makes public bathrooms less of an ick-factor too. No sitting down, no little toddler hands holding onto the seat so they don’t fall in, and no clothing dragging on the floor. There are definitely benefits to the male body that as a mom of boys you will be grateful for!

4 Less Societal Pressures

Without getting too political, it is probably easy to agree that when it comes to life in general boys just tend to have it easier. There is much less societal pressure to look a certain way and dress a certain way, there is less stigma surrounding the choices they make when dating, it can be easier to work in certain fields, or be paid appropriate amounts, sometimes it’s even easier to handle big purchases and life decisions. Have you ever tried to shop for a car alone as a woman? Salesmen can be very condescending. Growing up male in this generation sadly still comes along with many privileges. But that’s incredible for all of your sons!

3 Tomboy Moms

While some boy mamas do grieve not having a daughter, some are perfectly content with all boys, especially tomboy moms. If you grew up catching frogs, playing baseball, fixing cars, and hanging out at the skatepark, maybe you feel like you can relate much more easily to little boys.

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It’s even possible that you may feel like you have no idea what you would even do with a girl if you had one because you don’t know how to do hair, don’t like getting your nails done, and hate shopping. While these things are obviously all very heavily stereotyped and either sex can like any or all of these things, there definitely is some truth to these personality traits and preferences, and maybe having all boys will suit you just perfectly.

2 Moms Of Boys Community

There is nothing like the Moms of Boys community. These women around the world just get you. They understand how frustrating it is to tell your preschooler to stop touching himself 32 times a day. They are on the same page with you when you feel like you might explode if you have to pick up another stinky soccer uniform off the floor. They can totally relate to the concern you have regarding your future daughters-in-law (or sons-in-law). Boy moms will always be there to commiserate, share the joys, and have your back. If you haven’t found a community like this yet, be sure you search one out, those ladies will help you survive!

1 Mama Love

The number one best thing about having all boys is how fiercely they love their mama. We hear so much about daddy’s girls and how precious they are, but society seems to have this more negative approach when talking about mama’s boys. Thankfully, moms of boys like you know better, and understand that the way those mini men love their mothers is incredibly precious and will continue to grow and flourish throughout their lives. There is nothing negative about that.

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