The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: Baby Boys VS Baby Girls

The age old debate of boys vs girls is back again people. Men vs women. Males vs Females. Alien vs Predator. Hah. Mankind has always been fascinated with the subject of 'who is the more superior species ' and history has recorded that people have been willing to go through hell and back just to have a baby boy or girl. Women going through rituals just ensure they have a boy.

So what makes each gender so special that wars have been waged and lives forsaken just for the sake of that particular gender? Some cultures place importance on the birth of a boy over girls, and some moms want a mini-me. What's with the gender hype though, it seems this battle begins before the baby's gender is even solidified.

While the modern mum may not care much about the gender of the baby anymore (their thinking is now more aligned with 'so long as my baby is healthy '), one cannot deny that each gender has its good and bad sides. This article aims to shed some light on the ups and downs of having a baby boy vs having a baby girl.

Are baby girls less fussy as a new born? Are baby boys easier to shop for? Will baby girls turn out to be more filial? Will baby boys help with household chores when they  grow up? Are baby girls less susceptible to autism? Will  baby boys consume more milk? All these questions and more...

14 Boys: They're Easier To Shop For

You get to play mix and match with their shirts and pants and because of that very reason, your wallet (ka ching!) will not flatten as fast. This means you won't have to spend so much on  their wardrobe. People (especially the noisy neighbors and annoying relatives) won't pay as much attention to your baby boy's outfit as they do to a  baby girl's outfits so phew!

No worries about having to compare who has the latest Gucci shirt on their kids. That way you can save up the money to spend on your own wardrobe instead! Mwahahaha! Ooops....shhhh....you didn't hear that from me.

13 Girls: Mom Gets To Play Dress Up

With baby boys, their wardrobe will be your usual t shirts and shirts, but with baby girls, you get to be the fashion designer, the creative director and marketing officer. You get to play with pink hues, baby blues, emerald greens, sunny yellows and all your rainbow colors you can think of.

Your daughter will be your canvas for you to showcase your creativity in fashion and you'll have so many options on how to dress your little one up. There won't be a boring day of just another pair of shirt and shorts, because girls have a greater range of clothing and can get away with almost any kind of outfit.

You can even exchange baby outfits with your besties or mix and match hand me downs from your siblings. Your baby girl can be in pink tutus for one day and still rock wearing her older brother's the shirt and jeans the next. You can't do that with baby boys. Dress a boy toddler in a dress and people might think you have a few screws loose but with girls, no such problems honey!

12 Boys: They're More Robust

As your baby boy grows into an active and curious toddler, he will undeniably expose himself to all kinds of accidents. But fear not! A little scrape on the knee? A tiny bruise on his arm? A baby cut on his toe? No problem!

Sure, they might cry for a minute or two, but once you clean up their wound and put on their bandages (you can even tell them that these are battle scars), they will be up and running in no time. In fact, they might actually be very proud of their 'battle scars' and go 'promote' them to daddy and grandma (much to daddy's humor and grandma's horror of course).

It will be slightly  harder for most girl toddlers as they tend to be more princess like. But with boys, you won't have to worry about that. They may be more 'active' and naughty, but they sure are more robust and more likely to return bouncing to the playground after a fall compared to girl toddlers.

11 Girls: They Tend To Be More Filial

While this might not be necessarily true, the general consensus is that girls tend to grow up to be more filial than boys. In Asian countries especially, little girls who grow into women tend to be the ones who look after their parents during their old age more (this might have something to do with the in-law's not getting along with the son's wife).

Girls are usually seen accompanying their mums for grocery shopping and running household errands. They are usually the ones who are somehow roped into helping to do the cooking and household chores. Boys on the other hand might prefer to work in the garden fixing old furniture with their dads or having out with friends till later in the evening.

Also, it's a given that girls tend to understand their mums more (well it's obvious because both share the same gender hence the probability of having a similar mindset is a lot higher) so will often have more empathy when mums break down in the kitchen when the chicken doesn't turn out right or when the royal blue dress she bought turned out to be an ugly dark purple.

10 Boys: Mom Will Always Be Their First Love

Mums will always hold a special place in their son's heart. Studies have shown that men unconsciously look for spouses who resemble their mothers (a part of the men unconsciously seek for a mother's loving touch even on their death beds. Such is the power of motherhood). So fear not ladies, you'll always be number one in their hearts.

Sure the first few years during their courtship and marriage, they might put mum aside but once everything falls into place and they have settled stably into their relationship, they will inevitably think of mother.

When they are hungry, the first thought would go to mum. When they miss their favorite food, it will be mum they look for. If they can't find their socks, it'll be mum to the rescue. Even when they were a baby, mummy would be one of the first ones to hold them to soothe their tears and fears. So, if not mummy then who else? You're number one ladies!

9 Girls: Mom Will Worry About Them Forever

There is always this worry for your baby girl and how life will treat her from the time she's a little girl until she grows into a teen before they flourish into a full grown woman. Show me a mother who's never had to worry about her little girl's boyfriend in school. Or whether she's being bullied at school by mean girls, or wonders if her daughter secretly struggles with her self confidence.

For moms, the thought of someone not respecting our daughter, not treating her well, or going through a private struggle alone makes us sick to our stomachs and our hearts ache, because we've been that girl, we've had those struggled and faced those demons, and to be honest, it can really suck!

The pressure to educate them and to 'keep them safe' is a lot higher for girls than it is for boys. With boys, you'll just need to make sure they 'keep their guns in their pockets ' and be the gentleman that daddy is. But with girls and their raging hormones and all those unrealistic movies about life, love and sex, you might want to keep an extra eye on your little girl.

8 Boys: They Tend To Be Harder To Control

One if the downsides though is that boys tend to be more rebellious as they grow from babies to toddlers and then adolescents. They will question you, they will challenge you, they will defy you, they might even ridicule you so their upbringing is extremely important.

There have been boys who when told not to smoke would sneak out of the house in the middle of the night just to share 'a puff or two' with their buddies. Boys tend to challenge authority more and feel the need to prove their   strength and so called bravery (irregardless of whether what they are doing will actually seem stupid to them when they eventually grow up).

So with baby boys in your life, chances are you will have more sleepless nights not because you worry about their safety, but because you'll either be too angry or too upset to sleep.

7 Girl: You Get To Share Girl Secrets

However, not all little girls will grow up causing so much concern. Some actually end up as your best friend and you their confidante. They can come home from school and share with you their secret crush, about their first period, their first heartbreak, their first kiss (if you don't faint or freak out first).

All these things will not be shared with daddy and you probably won't be expecting your son to come home and pour out all the romantic details about his girlfriend with you. It would be more like,"Hey son, how'd your date go?" And he would probably go," It was ok."

Or you could try to dig for more information like," Hey son, how's your wedding preparation? Need any help?" And he'd be like," It's OK mum. I got it."

But with girls, they could come home and pour out the wedding magazines and drag you and their besties along while they try on the hundredth wedding dress in town just so they can find the 'right dress.' And you'll get to know what they like and dislike about each particular dress, down to the very last detail.

6 Boys: He'll Pee On Mom More Often

Face it. Baby boys have dicks and when their bladders are full, those little sticks will shoot up like a spring flower after a morning shower. And when they pee, oh boy oh boy, that's when the fun begins.

If you are unable to bundle them up in their diapers in time, then you will most likely have your face and shirts peed on. Whoopee! It's like a little pup claiming it's territory and you just happen to be 'that territory'.

So be prepared to have urine facials and urine chest rubs from time to time if you have a baby boy. And this will be the best time to practice changing nappies at the speed of light. By the time your little one graduates from being unable to control his urination to being potty trained, your speed will put The Flash to shame.

You'll have to develop a sense of when they are about to pee and from there work out how many micro seconds you have left to remove the soiled diaper, wipe their butt and little sticks and balls clean, dry them up and pull up a fresh new pair of diapers. Mathematics and space time continuum will be vital to you, so brush up on your numbers ladies.

5 Girls: Chances Of Autism Are Lower

Boys outnumber girls when it comes to autism. Studies have generally shown that baby boys are more susceptible to autism than baby girls by a ratio of four to one. Why you might ask? Well give Mr Google a tap and he'll be more than glad to give you all the statistics and reports and papers on why. But the fact is something in the genetic make up and hormones of baby boys expose them to a higher risk of autism than girls ( for those who cannot sleep without knowing so those weird medical terms, girls tend to have lower levels of vasopressin and higher levels of natural oxytocin).

So you'll have less to worry about the first few years before your baby turns into a toddler. Less sleepless nights of wondering whether your little girl's tantrum earlier today was due to a sign of autism or because she was just having trouble expressing her thoughts. Either that or she was just spoilt.

4 Boys: They Put Themselves In Danger More

As robust as little boys can be, they tend to have a simpler brain compared to little girls when it boils down to what is dangerous and what is not. Nature has somehow wired little boys' brains to think that danger equals fun. Either that or the words 'danger' and 'life threatening' simply do not exist in their dictionary.

So watch out when your little one starts crawling and climbing and running. They will especially have a love for death defying stunts like jumping off not only the couch, but jumping off cabinets, crawling to the top of the stairs and then trying to roll down or even climbing to the first floor balcony in an attempt to fly up high into the sky. Smacks own face.

These are the very people who will grow up and try to run the world. Be prepared to have your heart stopped numerous times, to feel the adrenaline rush of trying to outrun, outsmart and outplay your little one so he won't put his life at risk. Such is the fun of having baby boys around. There won't be a day of boredom at all.

3 Girls: They Probably Indulge In Less Dangerous Games

Boys love soccer, football, basketball (basically anything that involves men fighting over a little ball). They have a thing for extreme sports and very fast cars too. Not that girls don't, but generally girls tend to grow up more demure and will probably prefer shopping and jogging and gym over adrenaline pumping and more physically challenging sports and games.

You don't hear about a bunch of women fighting it out in a ring like Mike Tyson or doing Muay Thai kicks very often do you? That way you won't have to worry about their ears being bitten off (wink wink.)

With baby boys, mummies will probably have to invest more on their first aid kits, especially for when their little boys come home from 'just another fight' in school. It'll be a lot different if you have a baby girl. A lot less thrilling it may be but you'll get to have less heart attacks and more of your blood pressure under control.

2 Boys: Their Friendships Are More Straightforward

Men and women's brains are wired differently. This difference is very much significant since childhood. Little boys tend to have a simpler mindset when it comes to making friends. A friend is a friend but cross their boundaries and a friend will become a foe. Simple as that.

They don't play 'pretend friends' or gossip as much. A 'morning bro' and 'wassup' is sufficient to maintain a good relationship between friends for a lifetime. Have a little girl and she could come home being besties with Anne on Monday only to be rivals with her the next just because both have a crush on Max.

Little boys who have a spat can become friends again in a matter if minutes with the past being forgotten and forgiven. Little girls have a harder time letting go of their 'baggage' and grudges (in general anyways).

1 Girls: Mom Will Worry More About Their Safety As They Grow Up

Still, pheadophiles and sex offenders prey a lot more on little girls and teens. Also, there are many child traffickers and sexual predators who prey on the weaker gender. Hence your little girl will always be at a higher risk compared to little boys. Not that little boys and preteen boys don't have targets on their backs either, but more violence seems to follow girls.

There will be many sleepless nights for you and your partner especially when your little girl goes camping or when she hangs out with her friends or goes on a trip with them. You'll worry whether she will be able to defend herself if the need and when the need arises. You'll have to be extra alert when bringing them to the mall and not focus too much on the latest lipstick on display.

Instead you'll have to keep an eye on them for fear that they might stray or get lured by some sadistic stranger. Studies have shown that little girls will always be targeted more so always keep an eye on your little ones.

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