This Bracelet Is Working To Help Prevent Stillbirth

The pregnancy bracelet will track the baby's movements to help reduce the chance of a stillbirth.

Pregnancy is filled with a lot of anxieties. It is hard to be pregnant because you don't know exactly what your child is going through while in your stomach. While you are at home it is hard for some of your anxieties to be comforted because you don't have access to at home ultrasounds or fetal monitors. Many products have been created for mothers to use while at home to help them keep track of their babies, but some of them are not as reliable as mothers would like them to be. There are many at-home dopplers to help mother's check their child's heartbeats in case they are ever worried, but they are not that strong and can even cause more panic in the mother if she can't find the heartbeat. As the child becomes bigger, doctors encourage mothers to start counting kicks. A baby should be moving at least 10 times in a 2 hour period.

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Mothers who are not feeling their baby kick might want to consider calling their doctor or going into the hospital because there might be a problem with the little baby. It is sometimes hard to count movements and kicks throughout the day. Many mothers have jobs, or other kids to tend to that they won't be able to just sit there and make sure that their child is adequately moving. A new bracelet has been created that allows mothers to keep track of their babies movements.


The bracelet was created to help reduce the number of stillbirths. A mother who is able to keep track of the baby's movements will be able to track when their child stops moving. If their baby stops moving then they can go to the hospital and possibly find the reason and help save her child. Women who know sooner about their child's lack of movement have a better chance of making it to the hospital sooner and letting medical professionals help diagnose their child's wellbeing. Hopefully, the mother goes in and the baby is perfectly fine and just sleeping, but when it comes to your children it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Hopefully, this little bracelet can help mothers with their anxieties and will help reduce the number of babies who are stillborn.

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