The Basics of Braces: Are They Right For Your Teen?

Something that has become very common is braces. Braces are known for being in a child's life to help straighten their teeth and show the world a perfect smile. But braces are not just there to help achieve a nice smile, braces and the health of your moths take a big role in our body's overall health.

That is why there are many reasons why a dentist would recommend you to go talk to an orthodontist to see if braces are right for your child. So keep reading to discover ten reasons why braces are going to be right for your teen.

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10 Underbite

Just like our teeth might not come in straight there are also many times when our teeth will grow and not be able to close our mouths without discovering an underbite. An underbite is when your lower teeth overlap your top front teeth.

According to AWBraces.com, if your child has an underbite probable then it could also affect their eating abilities and speech. So talk to your child to see if they are having a difficult time eating certain foods and if yes then you need to talk to an orthodontist.

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9 Crooked Teeth

If your child is looking in the mirror and is noticing that their teeth are crooked and turned into each other then they can be a great candidate for braces.

Though you might be getting your child braces to help with their crooked teeth you are also helping their heart health as well. GuardianDirect.com has released information for an American Heart Association study that if a person is not able to clean their teeth easily they are going to have a greater risk of getting cavities that can overall increase their risk of heart disease.

8 Crossbite

Braces do more than just straighten a person’s teeth. They can also help correct any bite issues you might have. A common bite problem that people have is a crossbite, where some of their front teeth are over their bottom teeth, and some of their bottom teeth are over their top teeth. TDOrtho.com mentions that bite problems such as a crossbite can cause a person to get gum disease and have a higher chance of losing their adult teeth overall.

This can be a scary situation for anyone at any stage of their life. And you do not want your teen to have this thought in their mind. Make sure to talk to your dentist to see what they recommend about this situation.

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7 Blocked-Out Teeth

If your teen’s adult teeth have come in, but some of them are covering another then your teen is experiencing blocked-out teeth. VeryWellHealth.com reports that if a tooth is blocked by another tooth this can make it difficult for your teen to clean that tooth efficiently and can end up causing them tooth pain due to the lack of cleaning and hygiene with it.

But getting braces can help move that tooth out from behind so it can get the proper care it needs to remain healthy in their mouth.

6 Tooth Accident

Kids are known for being clumsy though as your kids grow into teens they can still have accidents where they trip and fall or get hit in the face. Many teens who have braces is because they experienced a tooth accident from sports or playing around with their friends.

Depending on the severity of the accident they might have to get braces to help move their teeth over to cover up a missing tooth from an accident. Don’t let your teen panic if an event caused their teeth damages since modern dentistry has come a long way in such a short amount of time!

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5 Spacing

Spacing is something that you and your teen can see without seeing a dentist. You will notice that your teen's teeth do not touch and have a lot of spaces between each tooth. Though this sounds like it might not be an issue you might be surprised to learn it can affect their sleep.

According to VeryWellHealth.com, spacing can cause people to experience sleep apnea caused by mouth breathing and snoring. If your child is experiencing any sleeping problems it can be because of their teeth, so talk to their dentist to see if braces can help solve this problem to give your child a good night's sleep.

4 Overbite

Though everyone wants a perfect smile our teeth can naturally come in different ways. Though this can be frustrating for your teen not having a flawless smile. Your teen might have an overbite if their upper teeth hangover their lower teeth.

AWBraces.com states that people who have an overbite can “lead to gum tissue damage and damage to your front teeth.” This can cause you to end up spending more money and time down the road to fix any dangers that their overbite has caused your teen.

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3 Cosmetics

It has become common places that if a child has teeth that they do not love more and more parents are now getting braces for their teens for cosmetics reasons.

Though beauty is more than skin deep, this can give them confidence sine a smile is the first thing that people see. Talk to your teen to see if they want to get braces for cosmetic reasons. But make sure that you also talk to them about the importance of how a person is worth more than their looks!

2 Overcrowding

Everyone’s smile is different, and our teeth do not come in naturally straight. Your teen’s dentist might realize that your child’s adult teeth have come in, but they are overcrowded. Overcrowding is when there is not enough room for their teeth in their mouth.

Getting braces can help straighten out their teeth and expand their pallet so there is enough room for all of their teeth. TDOrtho.com has reported that overcrowding can give people a higher chance of developing gum disease since they might not be able to clean their teeth efficiently.

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1 Impacted Tooth

There are times that when your child is growing and developing not all of their teeth will come in. This can lead to a tooth being impacted and being stuck under their gum somewhere in their mouth. This will require your teen to get braces so they can help move the tooth down into position.

But to do that they must get oral surgery to put a bracket on the tooth that needs to be uncovered. Though this can sound like a long process for your teen, it will go by quickly, and we know that due to first-hand experience.

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