Brad Pitt Isn’t Spending Father’s Day With His Kids

Amidst speculation that Brad Pitt has become more distant from his six children following his divorce from Angelina Jolie, it’s being reported that the actor will not be spending Father’s Day with his large brood this year. In fact, according to Hollywood Life, the actor would be grateful just to hear from his children.

“He isn’t looking for any gifts, he is much more interested in hearing from his kids to wish him a good day and that’s about it,” a source told the publication. “But seeing and talking to them soon would be wonderful.” It sounds like the actor hasn’t spent a lot of time with his children; Maddox, 17, Pax, 15, Zahara, 14, Shiloh, 13, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 10. In fact, the publication reports the siblings have been temporarily living in new Mexico while Angelina wraps up filming on her upcoming movie Those Who Want Me Dead.

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This isn’t the first time that it’s been reported Brad has gone a long time without visiting his children. Following Brangelina’s initial separation in 2016, it was reported his eldest son, Maddox, was refusing to visit with him after their high-profile altercation on a private jet. Since Maddox was over the age of 16, the court couldn’t force him to spend time with his father.

More recently, just this past Christmas, Radar Online reported that Maddox and Pax both refused to spend the holidays with Brad. The publication added that the boys, as well as their eldest sister Zahara, have taken their mother’s side in the split. “[They] never want to see Dad, and that hurts him. They’re on Angie’s side—and always have been,” a source revealed.

Nicki Swift also confirmed that Brad hasn’t been seen out publicly with his children in almost two years – 924 days to be exact. “It’s just breaking his heart that he hasn’t been out in public with all his kids for nearly 1000 days,” a source explained, adding that this is despite the fact that Brad has court-mandated visits with his five younger children.

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آنجلینا جولی یک پسربچه‌ی کامبوجی دیگر را نیز به فرزندی پذیرفت به گزارش خبر آنلاين، بازیگر 40 ساله‌ی سینمای هالیوود که برای کارگردانی آخرین فیلم خود به نام «آنها نخست پدرم را کشتند» به شمال کامبوج رفته بود، حامی مالی خانواده‌ای با 13 فرزند شد و یکی از آنها که رابطه‌ای نزدیک با دو فرزند او برقرار کرده بود را به فرزندی پذیرفت بازیگر «آقا و خانم اسمیت» به اندازه‌ای از وضعیت دشوار زندگی این خانواده شگفت‌زده شده که بدون مشورت با همسر خود سرپرستی یکی از فرزندان آن به نام آلوی شون را پذیرفته است یکی دیگر از فرزندان خانواده مذکور به نام لیدا شون که 16 سال دارد، در این باره گفت : شیلو، زهرا و خانواده‌شان آدم‌های بسیار خوبی هستند. ما مدتی است که آنها را می‌شناسیم. آنها از نظر مالی ما را حمایت می‌کنند آنجلینا جولی نخستین فرزند خود مداکس که اکنون 14 سال دارد را در سال 2002 و در کامبوج به فرزندی پذیرفته بود. او پس از آن سرپرستی دو کودک دیگر به نام‌های زهرا و پکس را نیز پذیرفت خانواده‌ی پر جمعیت جولی علاوه بر این سه عضو دیگر به نام‌های شیلو نول، ناکس لئون و ویوین مارچلین نیز دارد، که هر سه فرزندان آنجلینا جولی و برد پیت هستند #AngelinaJolie #BradPitt #Brangelina #BrangelinaKids محمد حيدرى @Mohammad_Heidarii

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This past December, it was reported that Angelina and Brad had finally reached a custody agreement following the officialization of their divorce. "Angelina agreed to a deal that gives Brad joint physical and legal custody of the children," a source told Us Weekly, despite the mom-of-six initially requesting sole custody. At the time, however, the exes hadn’t figured out a financial agreement in relation to their kids.

However, simply because Brangelina have reached a custody agreement doesn’t appear to have resulted in Brad spending more time with his kids. Hopefully, the actor is still able to enjoy Father’s Day!

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