Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk Reach Custody Agreement Of Two-Year-Old Daughter

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have reached a custody agreement for their two-year-old daughter. But the strict terms will definitely have an impact on both of their schedules.

After the power couple split this past June after being together for four years, many fans wondered how the exes would parent daughter, Lea Now, new reports say that the parents were able to reach a mutual agreement without going to court. That being said, some of the stipulations of the agreement come as quite the surprise.

According to TMZ, the exes will share 50-50 custody of their little girl. Bradley and Irina agreed that Lea should be raised primarily in New York City, where she’s spent most of her short life. Even more, the parents have agreed they will both reside full-time in the same city as their daughter.

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Although much of Irina’s modelling work is based in New York City, the same can’t always be said about Bradley, whose acting work often takes him to Los Angeles. As such, this agreement may have quite the burden on both stars’ schedules. As of now, neither Bradley nor Irina have spoken out about their custody arrangement or about their break-up.

There has been plenty of speculation over why the former lovers- who started dating back in 2015- called it quits. One of the most surprising rumours is that Bradley developed feelings for his co-star Lady Gaga when they worked on A Star Is Born together. However, both of them have vehemently denied the allegations.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, a source said that Bradley’s romance with Irina had been struggling for some time before working with Gaga. Those two eventually built a friendship based on the fact they were both going through rough patches in their relationships, as Gaga had split with fiancée Christian Carino earlier this year.

“They built that friendship through filming and they have had many talks because honestly they both have had relationships that have gone sour,” they insider explained. “They have experienced similar struggles. He put so much trust in Gaga and she has helped him quite a bit with many talks because they both have experienced similar parallels with their careers and again in the relationship department.

However, the source went on to shoot down fans’ hope that Gaga and Bradley will get together- at least in the near future.

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“Many think that this will lead to them being a thing but right now that is not the case. Bradley needs a friend and Gaga is really being that for him.” The source emphasized, “She in no way was the reason for the breakup.”

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