Braille LEGO Bricks Are Being Released To Help Visually Impaired Children Learn

LEGO is about to launch a Braille LEGO that can help visually impaired children how to read and do simple math.


LEGO has once again proven how amazing they are! LEGO has created a set of LEGOS that allow visually impaired children how to read using their Braille reading system. The tactile reading system helps children who are visually impaired learn to read through with their hands! What a great idea! Good job LEGO!

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Each LEGO brick has a letter or a number on it with the corresponding Braille textile. The children can then place the LEGO on a board that helps them learn how to read and how to do simple math equations with the Braille LEGO. Each brick has the number and letters printed on them so that children who have sight and children who are visually impaired can learn together. These LEGOS are also great tools for parents, family members, and educators. And the Braille LEGO bricks can also work with the regular LEGO bricks.

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Each set of the Braille bricks come with 250 blocks, in five LEGO classic colors. Each set also comes with a list of ideas on how to play with the bricks and ideas for interactive games. These amazing blocks are being tested in several different languages in addition to English. Once the Braille LEGO blocks are released LEGO is going to donate several of their sets to learning organizations around the world.

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The blind community has approached LEGO several times in the past about having LEGO design a set of LEGOS especially for children who are visually impaired. LEGO decided to launch a completely new department that was specifically designed to create a Braille set of LEGOS. LEGO knows that this is going to be a great idea because tons of children play with LEGOS already. Therefore, they are most likely going to easily adapt to the new Braille system. LEGO said they realized how important it was to create a Braille LEGO after discussing the need with experts in the visually impaired community!

Great Job LEGO! We are so excited to see the new LEGOS!

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