Breast Isn't Always Best

I don't think anybody can argue that breast milk isn't awesome! Breast milk is so cool! I don't really like breastfeeding, but I breastfeed because it is free and it has so many amazing attributes that keep my baby healthy! I am all for breastfeeding! That being said, sometimes breast isn't always best! There are many valid reasons why a mother doesn't breastfeed and that is completely okay! And you know what? One of those reasons might just be that she doesn't want to and that is perfectly fine. Whether or not she breastfeeds doesn't impact my life whatsoever. As women we need to respect whatever decision that a mother makes about her child.

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Some women choose to formula feed because they don't produce enough to keep their child fed. Other women don't want to breastfeed because they keep on getting infections such as thrush and mastitis. Other moms switch to formula when they find out that their milk is irritating their baby's stomach. I have met some women who changed to formula because their breast milk actually had no nutritional value. Some women really struggle with hypoglycemia and mental issues when breastfeeding. Some moms have super sensitive nipples. Some babies just don't want to latch, or they have serious tongue ties. Many people spent time in NICU and never learned how to breastfeed.


I know one mother who never actually produced any milk. Her breasts wouldn't produce anything! Nobody really knew why but she had no choice but to feed her baby with formula. She wanted to breastfeed so badly and people made her feel guilty for feeding her child out of a bottle. She didn't like to breastfeed her baby in public because she thought everybody was judging her. No mother should ever feel guilty for giving their baby formula.

My first child was seriously tongue tied and he could not latch. I have had three children since then so I know that he just had some issues with his tongue. I pumped and then fed him through a bottle for about 9 months. Exclusively pumping was the absolute worst! If my husband and I could have afforded formula I probably would have switched over! When my son was about 9 months we had no choice but to switch to formula because my milk dried up because I was pregnant with my second child. He was formula fed for a few months. People just stared at me when I would give him a bottle.

Yes, breast milk is awesome! But feeding your child is equally awesome! Just feed that baby of yours and don't judge others for how they choose to feed theirs!

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