Breast Milk Is Loaded With Bacteria Which Is Good for the Baby

Scientists have found that the bacteria found in breast milk are essential to the health of a baby. From when they are born, babies become a host for a plethora of microorganisms. Identifying the beneficial ones from the harmful ones will help us care for the babies as best as we can. Turns out, breastfeeding may give more beneficial bacteria.

It can seem illogical, but some bacteria are good for your baby. Cleanliness and sanitation are of the utmost importance when caring for a newborn, so it can seem strange that allowing some bacteria to grow in your baby’s gut is a good thing. However, previous studies done have shown that bacteria passed from a mom through the birthing process aid in a healthy baby’s development; babies born through caesarean section or who were exposed to much antibiotic use miss out on some beneficial bacteria.

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It’s no surprise that breast milk contains a whole load of good things for a baby. A mother provides all the nutrients and bacteria necessary for jumpstarting her baby’s immune system. The bacteria colonize the newborn’s gut, and this helps develop their immune response and metabolism.

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Researchers have found this micro-biome is essential to a baby’s growth, and they have identified that it’s best delivered through breastfeeding. While the milk itself is rich with nutrients and good bacteria, a baby will get more beneficial bacteria when they feed directly off of their mother’s breast. Pumped milk is still better than formula, but scientists encourage mothers to breastfeed as much as they can because a lot of beneficial bacteria is passed through skin contact.

This study further proves why breastfeeding is best for babies, so medical professionals encourage its acceptance in society. Many mothers are simply unable to consistently breastfeed their babies, but those who are able to should continue to. Attitudes towards breastfeeding in public, for example, need to change because mothers need to be ready to feed their baby whenever needed. If we are to encourage our moms to give the best care possible, then we shouldn’t shame them for simply feeding their baby.

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