"I Only Breastfeed My Baby To Seduce Men" Said No Mother Ever

When my third child was a baby my husband and I took my family to a Christmas event. The event is inside with a whole bunch of vendors trying to sell their products, there was kids crafts and even Santa Clause. It was such a fun event and we love going each year. Well, my baby needed to eat. He was only a few months old so I had no choice but to breastfeed him. I decided to send my older two children with their grandparents while I sat and breastfed my baby. Since he got distracted easily I went over to the wall in between two booths and began feeding my child with a cover over me to keep us a little bit warm. I was happily breastfeeding my child and looking down at my phone and then I looked up. A grown man was looking at me. I knew he was looking at me because I was out of the way of all of the festivities. He tapped on his teenage son's shoulder and then pointed to me. His son looked over at me and laughed and rolled his eyes at his dad and his dad laughed as if he wanted to say, "made ya look."

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I was pretty confused about this experience. For one, I was completely covered up and you couldn't actually see anything. And also, why would a grown man teach his son to make a joke out of a woman breastfeeding. Since when has breastfeeding been funny? I have had a lot of similar experiences of people being really weird about me nursing my child. I am not that mom who just whips out my boobs and feeds a baby with my full breast hanging out and yet I still get criticized. But,hey, even if I did whip my boob out, whatever! Stop sexualizing breasts. I don't have breasts because they are aesthetically pleasing. I don't have breasts to woe men. I don't have breasts so I can have sex appeal. God gave me breasts so I could feed my children. So, back off!

I have four beautiful and perfect children. I have three boys. I am teaching my boys that there is nothing gross, silly, weird or out of the ordinary about breastfeeding. My boys are 5, 4, and 2 and they watch me breastfeed multiple times a day and it doesn't even phase them. When we are walking in the park and they see a woman breastfeeding her baby they don't even skip a beat. Every once in awhile my four year old will candidly say, "oh that mom is feeding her baby milk." They say it likes it naturally, because breastfeeding is natural!

Contrary to popular belief, I am a weird mom who breastfeeds her baby because her baby is hungry. GASP, I know. I don't breastfeed to woe men. I don't breastfeed to seduce men. If men are turned on by seeing a woman breastfeeding then they have a whole new set of issues. If I make you feel uncomfortable then don't look, simple as that!

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