10 Things To Consider When Deciding To Breastfeed Or Not

Many people have an idea in their mind as to how they are going to feed their young ones when they arrive. Some wait until the day of their delivery to "test the waters" and experience different sensations and techniques.

While feeding your child may be planned from the first day of pregnancy, some people will try and influence your decision right off the bat. Stay strong and do what's right for you and your family. There are many options. Though breastfeeding can sometimes be viewed as the easiest way, soon-to-be mothers may be surprised when the day comes.

Read below as we have selected ten things to consider when you decide to breastfeed your child. There may be situations you never knew could arise or ones you have already experienced.

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10 Risking Infection

Getting a blocked duct is not an easy or uncommon feat that many new parents experience. Whether you decide to breastfeed off the bat or experience a clogged duct strictly from hormones that are pumping out of your body since your child's arrival, a blocked duct can quickly turn into a breast inflammation.

Mastitis is not an enjoyable experience. From vomiting to fever, this infection can cause many flu like symptoms along with others that may come on very quickly and suddenly. Always speak with your medical professional if you suspect anything to be wrong; antibiotics should clear you up right away.

9 Confidence On When And Where To Feed

It usually isn't until your first experience breastfeeding in public that you know exactly how you'll feel about it. Though society is absolutely normalizing breastfeeding freely in public, you may still experience the odd, ignorant remark when you decide to feed your young out and about.

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Ignore their remarks and claims. When baby is hungry, well, baby is hungry. There are options like feeding cloths and covers that may keep you feeling more comfortable if you are not okay with taking your breast out in public. However, if you are, there is absolutely no shame. Just keep in mind your child may be hungry at the most "inconvenient" times, and they will not wait for anything.

8 The Hormonal Toll

Breastfeeding affects your bodily hormones more than you may expect. From low libidinous drives to a sudden  thirst, breastfeeding can cause a lot of changes within your body while you're naturally feeding you baby.

Some people complain that they're losing weight too fast while others are keeping some extra pounds on to produce enough fatty milk. Some people do not receive their menstrual cycle until they are done breastfeeding, while others get it within months after delivery. Breastfeeding can control a lot of things in our bodies. Keep this in mind when you decide to take on this responsibility.

7 Attire

Pack away those turtle-necks and Merino wool sweaters. You'll be wearing stretchy garments until your breastfeeding journey comes to a halt.

If you are breastfeeding in the morning, don't be surprised if you don't change out of your comfortable robe all day. If you are feeding at night, you'll likely be shirtless or with an incredibly stretchy tank top. Breastfeeding will most definitely control your personal style for a little while. At least until you know that you won't have to feed on-demand.

6 Risk Of Topical Discomfort

Teething can begin anywhere between four to six months after birth. Some infants are born with teeth! Yes, we're going there. Teething can entice your infant to bite your nipples. There, we said it. And yes, it does happen out of the blue.

One moment you're feeding your child, the next you have a piercing pain; unable to pull away in case they drag you with them. Whether it's teething that introduces you to the potential pain that comes along with breastfeeding or a bad case of mastitis as we spoke about before, feeding your child naturally is not all fun and flowers.

5 Amount Of Time Devoted To Schedule

Many people know that they plan to breastfeed for at least 1 year, while others are open until their baby naturally weans. Many people hope that their child will naturally draw away from their mother's breast, though weaning your child does take time and effort if you feel ready to stop before they are. And, if you are the one pulling the plug, don't feel guilty whatsoever. You have to do what's right for you. If your child is fed, that's all that matters.

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Take into consideration any upcoming vacations, work schedules, and the general duration that you'd like to feed your baby for.

4 The Comfort Of Breastfeeding Your Child

Many times, babies simply want to be close to their parent. Breastfeeding is absolutely mainly for feeding your young, though infants tend to use it for their own comfort, as well.

Don't be surprised if your baby wakes in the middle of the night just for the comfort of a breast. It may be convenient to whip your breast out in the middle of the night for the first few weeks, but wait until six months. You may think otherwise.

3 Alternative To Breastfeeding In Public

If you are set on breastfeeding in public, you should still be aware that there are other alternatives. There are many different products that will assist in pumping if you'd like to freeze your milk. There are also work places with designated rooms specifically for mothers who need to excuse themselves from their job to pump for their little ones.

Don't ever stress. In this day and age, we have the right and ability to feed our children where, when, and however we'd like.

2 Opinions From People Around You

Be prepared. You will get remarks from doctors, friends, and family on where and how to feed your children. Don't be surprised if you hear some from your partner, too. Everyone will have a preconceived idea on how you should feed your new baby.

It is okay if these intentions subside or change. Just keep in mind that as long as you and your child are physically and mentally healthy during your feeding sessions, that is truly all that matters. Everyone's viewpoints and opinions do not matter.

1 Options Aside From Breast Milk

A great thing with the choice of feeding your child is that you don't exclusively have to breastfeed and/or pump. You can do a mix of formula and breast milk.

The more options you have and variety your child has, the easier it is on both of you. Not only will you be able to rely on a partner or caretaker to take turns on night-time and day-time feedings, but you will be able to go out and do things on your own if you truly please.

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