Breastfeed Or Formula: How It Will Go Based On Mom And Baby's Sign

Astrology helps people to understand their personalities and motivations better, in every aspect of their lives, and motherhood is no exception. What kind of mother a woman will be might seem like a mystery only unraveled by hindsight, but many find that their astrological sun sign and the corresponding element often offer clues as to the kinds of traits and feelings that ended up affecting her parenting decisions. How mom bonds with and feeds the baby can also be examined through an astrological lens.

Some mothers are sure—from the moment they find out they're pregnant—exactly how they're going to approach feeding baby, while others find their outlook changes from day to day or based on their changing needs or those of baby. There's no question that however mom decides to feed the baby, she's got her reasons—often colored by her astrological tendencies even when she doesn't realize it. While not every mom of a particular sign behaves exactly the same way, many find after closer examination that while their outcomes might be vastly different, the motivations are eerily similar.

Probably the biggest decision when it comes to feeding baby is whether mom will go with breastfeeding or with formula. Whatever she chooses, and however the process goes, her astrological sign is sure to influence it.

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20 Earth Signs: Doin' (Breastfeeding) Time

Earth sign moms are dependable people who feel a strong sense of responsibility, as per Astrology.

If she feels that breastfeeding is the right thing to do, an earth sign will settle to the task no matter how onerous she finds it to be.

Whether she enjoys it or not is inconsequential. This doesn't mean she hates the whole process—rather that she would breastfeed her kiddo without question no matter how painful or logistically difficult it was. One drawback with Earth sign mamas is that they may feel the task can't be shared or done sufficiently by others, and they won't be too shy to say so.

19 Taurus Moms Force The Schedule

It's not in the nature of Taurus moms to change direction quickly; so, once she settles on her routine, she'll fight anything that attempts to disrupt it—the routine rules all, as per Marie Claire.

The Taurus mom might even wake the baby up to keep her on the feeding cycle to the minute.

The drawback is it's rarely baby-led, but the benefit is that there's a wealth of stability in the baby's life. If the Taurus mother works, she might let go of breastfeeding because it doesn't fit her family's schedule. Plus, since Taurus is a bit old-fashioned, she'll figure if formula was good enough for her parents, it's good enough for her.

18 Virgo Is The Nutrition Nut

The perfectionist sign is so concerned with getting things just right that she might be the mom who has her breastmilk tested to ensure it has all the nutrients baby needs.

If she's concerned about baby's weight gain or development, she'll swap to the formula in a heartbeat—but not just any brand—it'll have to be the one best tailored to her little one. Virgo moms know that the nutrition baby gets in the first year of life can affect her development later on, so she'll always be motivated to get experts' advice and read researchers' studies; so, she knows she's getting the most advanced information, according to Horoscope.

17 Capricorns Go With The Best Option

Capricorns are hardworking and driven, and this follows them into motherhood as well. No mom works harder than the Capricorn mom who runs the risk of burnout because she is non-stop at all times when it comes to baby, as per BabyCentre UK. If she decides to breastfeed, she'll do the work willingly, but may always see the process as work and could miss out on the bonding aspect. The Capricorn mama won't hesitate to go to formula if that's more efficient. Whichever option delivers the greatest benefit to her child or children is what the Capricorn mom chooses, not worrying about the personal cost.

16 Fire Signs: Faster, Easier Formula

On the move always and full of confidence and strong opinions, fire sign mamas do what's good for them, as per Tarot. After all, if they're taken care of, then they—in turn—can better take care of others.

Fire signs will fall back on formula if breastfeeding just isn't a go, or choose formula without even trying to breastfeed.

It's not because they don't care, but why stress themselves and baby out and be in agonizing pain trying to force something to work when there's an alternative that will save them the trouble? Formula is quickly mixed and given and has all the vitamins babies will need to thrive.

15 Anything They Can Do, Aries Can Do Better

Fast moving, confident and ready to lead anytime, anywhere means the Aries mom may bring a sense of competition even to feeding baby, as per Horoscope. If all her mom friends are breastfeeding, Aries mom is, too—but she's doing great!

The Aries mom might not admit to latching problems or issues with colic, as she doesn't like to admit defeat so she'll keep trying.

That might make others think she was anything less than the best, and that's intolerable to the Aries mom. Because she demands the best, her baby will benefit from a fierce mama who will always ensure that the baby gets everything he needs, no matter what.

14 Fast Paced Leo Needs Fast Paced Feeding

Celeb Baby Laundry

As energetic as the Aries mom but a bit more playful, the Leo mom is so proud of her brood she's often accused of bragging—but she just doesn't care. The Leo mother might worry more about what other people think than about what's best for her kid, as per Astrostyle. If it fits her busy schedule, she'll breastfeed—and likely pump so she can be ready to feed baby on the go. She may not cut back her schedule to match feeding times, though; so if her milk supply decreases, she'll move to formula and won't worry too much, because she knows she at least gave the baby a good start.

13 Sagittarius Isn't Focused On The Task At Breast

Always ready to experiment and a lover of travel and all things in motion, the Sagittarian mom might not take to breastfeeding, as it sometimes feels too much like being tied down to one place, as per Sagittarius. She's a loving mother, but she might not enjoy her kiddo when he's a baby as much as she does once he's hit the toddler stage. Bottles are a great tool that gives the Sagittarian mama the sense of freedom that she can't do without. If she can, she'll fill those bottles with donated breastmilk, but likely she won't love to pump; she won't like sitting still tethered to a machine for so long. Of course, who does?

12 Water Signs: Breastfeed as long as baby wants

'Breastfed is best' is the water sign mom's mantra. It wouldn't be unusual for a water sign to so treasure the breastfeeding bond that she's happily nursing into the second year, willing to wait until baby weans himself. Water sign mothers are emotional and the most family-oriented of the astrology signs, according to Ivy Roses. These moms may be happiest in home life, but are also likely to be involved or working at something creative. They flow wherever life takes them and if that means flowing around baby's nursing schedule, so be it with good cheer. There's no sense of duty here—water signs love every minute of it.

11 Breastfeeding Bond Is Sacred To Cancer

The most motherly sign, Cancers are so family-oriented that weaving baby into the family fabric is second nature. The home is the focal point to a Cancer mom, and she'll do anything to cushion and protect her baby, according to the Huffington Post. She's the most likely of all the sun signs to breastfeed exclusively for a year or two... maybe more if that's what baby wants. Even if the Cancer mama bottle-feeds, feeding time as sacred. She enjoys a deep emotional bond with baby, loving every single moment of the process. Baby might even be ready to wean before the Cancer mom is ready.

10 Scorpio Prefers The Natural Route

Emotional yet mysterious, the Scorpio mom loves the silent bond she develops with the baby, according to BabyCentre UK. She revels in this stage of life that allows her to control many aspects of the baby's life. The Scorpio mother will tend to choose things she feels are natural or organic; so, she's likely to breastfeed and highly unlikely to share this time or process with others. The only appeal that formula has to the Scorpio mama is that it allows her to measure and control exactly how much baby is eating, but it'll always be at odds with her conviction that natural feeding processes are best.

9 Pisces Mom Schedules Life Around Breastfeeding

With her breastmilk necklace around her neck, the Pisces mother will nurse her baby in a baby carrier whether in the middle of a vegan cafe or while strolling through a farmer's market. These gentle mamas are likely to be as in tune with nature as with baby's wants and needs, as per Love To Know. Pisces moms might organize breastfeeding support groups and will happily alter her and her family's schedules to support baby's feeding habits, but she's also not so shy that she can't tend to baby's needs on the go as well. The Pisces mom is always ready to tend to baby whenever and wherever.

8 Air Signs: All Options On The Table

An air sign mother is all about compromise and connections. She's flexible with her own baby, unafraid to switch between breast and bottle—or even breastmilk and formula if need be. Schedules can get crazy, and she'll do her best, but she isn't going to move heaven and Earth to stick to her guns if there's a less difficult way to do things, according to Astrology Signs. Air sign moms also aren't too concerned with what everyone else is doing. If breastfeeding is in, but it's not working for her, she won't force it for the sake of pleasing others.

7 Geminis Have Done The Research

Because Geminis often have multiple faces and personalities, the other signs see them as flighty and undependable. In motherhood, however, the Gemini mom excels in researching all the options and choosing whichever is going to fit best with her ideals and best nurture the baby, according to Momstrology. If the latest studies proved that breastfeeding upside down gave baby optimal nutrition (they haven't, thank goodness), then the Gemini mama would be the first to master the technique. Because she's willing to test things, she might randomly introduce breastmilk in a bottle or leave a can of formula for the babysitter without knowing if the baby will even like it.

6 Aquarius Will Do Whatever's Cool

The Aquarius mother sometimes isn't interested so much in the cost benefit of one style of feeding baby over another but will watch carefully for whatever's “in,” according to Sun Signs. If breastfeeding is hot, she's at the forefront with the baby in the newest and hippest sling. If formula is in vogue, the Aquarius mom has the most nutritious, organic version in the newest set of BPA-free bottles. She'll let baby determine when and how much when it comes to feeding and isn't shy about showing off her matching bottle warmer or fancy nursing bra in a crowded store—whatever is cool at the moment.

5 Libra Feeds Baby With The Latest Gear

The Libra mom is an interesting combination in that she will likely seek out the absolute best in baby gear, but she's a bit inconsistent and may also constantly be chasing the newest baby things, according to Sun Signs. Her baby will have expensive onesies, the same stroller as the newest celebrity mom and the bottle set recommended by baby magazines. Libra mommies sometimes won't sacrifice their own well-being for anyone; so they may choose formula—best that money can buy—out of concern that breastfeeding will hurt or alter her body. She might go even further and get deliveries of donated breastmilk—especially if that's the hip thing at the time.

4 Cancer Will Hold Out Until The Bitter End

Despite the fact that Cancers are the most family-oriented and Pisces moms may forge the strongest bonds, the Taurus mother often surprises people with their commitment verging on stubbornness to breastfeeding no matter what, as per Bustle. She'll push herself through pain and misery and may not move very quickly to try new positions or techniques to make the process easier. The Taurus mom who doesn't choose formula will often struggle with nighttime feedings because she's likely a big believer in sleep training, and the breastfed baby tends to be more wakeful. Taurus' natural stubbornness could see her through a breastfeeding hurdle—or cause undue stress for her and baby.

3 Gemini Is Most And Least Likely To Struggle With Confusion

The children of Gemini moms could get whiplash from the speed and frequency of change that blows through the household, as per Astrology Signs. These babies are likely to experience at least a little nipple confusion, as the Gemini mom will try breastfeeding, but also probably won't wait to introduce a bottle for when she can't be around to nurse. Least likely to struggle with nipple confusion is Pisces, because these moms may go to the bottle as a last resort. The Pisces mom is sometimes seen as indecisive, other times as a go-with-the-flow type of mama. Either way, she's unlikely to switch how she feeds, as per Astrostyle.

2 Aries Is Already Over This

The Aries mom is not okay with setbacks or roadblocks, according to Your Tango. If breastfeeding is a struggle, she may get too impatient and switch to formula without looking back. She might dig in her heels for a moment or two, but often she gets frustrated with a feeding process that isn't working perfectly. Aries mothers just don't have time to tweak and fine-tune things; they're always on the move. It's not that the Aries mama doesn't care about the baby, it's just that she can't dither around with ineffective breastfeeding when she feels she could be out there scouting future preschools and setting up educational play dates.

1 Mom-Led Versus Baby-Led Feedings

Aries, Taurus and Leo moms all have a strong sense of self and a drive to move and lead, according to Bustle. These mamas are the most likely to really take charge of feeding times, adhering to a strict schedule of offering baby a breast whether she's acting hungry or not. On the other end of the spectrum are Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer mothers who would sit quietly nursing even while her foot fell asleep so as to not disturb baby. They're more than happy to let baby decide when he's done and will drop whatever they're doing to get ready to feed the baby.

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