10 Reasons Why Some Moms Choose Not To Breastfeed

Before we delve into the reasons that a woman might have to choose to feed her baby formula rather than breastfeeding, we want to start off by stating that we believe that simply fed is best and that no one should tell a mother that what she is doing to care for her child is not good enough simply because they decided to do something different. So long as the child is fed and healthy, whatever works best for the mother is best for both her and her baby.

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When having a baby one of the biggest questions people will inevitably ask the expecting mother is whether or not she is planning to breastfeed. Whether or not she does is her own choice but some people can be rather judgemental when mothers elect to use formula rather than breastmilk. This article will explain several reasons why breastfeeding might not be for everyone.

10 Guaranteed Nutrition

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Simply put, a woman's breast is not clear like a bottle. Many new moms can find themselves worried about whether or not their baby is getting enough food when they are feeding. Some babies might even have certain health issues that requires them getting a specific amount of milk every feeding.

In these cases, bottle feeding can be the best choice to put the mother's mind at ease. If she is feeding her baby with a bottle then she knows exactly how much her child is getting each feeding and won't have to worry.

9 Anyone Can Feed Baby

One of the best things about bottle feeding is the fact that doing so means that everyone can feed the baby. Mom isn't the only one who is responsible for late-night or early-morning feedings and giving anyone who is holding the baby the chance to give them their bottle can allow mom a bit more freedom in her daily life as well as giving other family members the chance to bond with baby in a way that they couldn't if mom was solely breastfeeding.

Many new moms claim that breastfeeding can make them feel as if they are a cow or a machine that is made to pump out milk and though some love the idea of creating a substance that can feed the child that they also create, others feel like doing so can take away their bodily autonomy.

8 Traumatic Experience

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If a woman had a traumatic breastfeeding experience with her first child, she may want to avoid the experience altogether with her next baby. She may have suffered from a painful side effect such as a clogged duct or an infection that caused her to never want to experience said thing again.

Avoiding the trigger that is caused by breastfeeding would be ideal for mom in the scenario. Luckily for moms who have shared this unfortunate experience, formula is available and just as good as breastmilk!

7 Allows For More Freedom

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It can be very important to new moms to maintain certain aspects of their 'before-baby' life. Whether that be going for daily walks, going back to work, or going out with friends once a week, maintaining these routines can be very helpful in avoiding feeling isolated and alone as many new mothers do.

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Formula/bottle feeding allows moms to maintain these routines without having to schedule in time to pump and feed.

6 Have Had Surgery

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If a woman has had surgery on her breasts, she might not be able to breastfeed. Many important medical procedures, such as breast reductions, that involve trauma to the nipple and its surrounding areas can make it very difficult for a woman to breastfeed later in life.

Please note that this may be a sensitive subject as the woman in question might have had her heart set on breastfeeding and could be very upset by the news that this might no longer be an option for her.

5 Gives Partner Bonding Time

Many new dads often state that they feel sort of sidelined by the entire process. Sure, they had a big role to play in the initial creation of the embryo. But after that, there really isn't much for them to do for quite some time.

Formula/bottle feeding allows daddy to have some time with their baby and share the wonderful bond that comes from feeding the child that you helped create. Letting dad take care of the late night feedings can also be a great way to give mom some post-birth rest.

4 Maintain Sense Of Self

One of the reasons that some women can fall into a state of emotional distress after having a child is due to the fact that the process can make them feel like they have lost their sense of self. Being pregnant can make them feel like their body is no longer theirs and having to drop everything in order to breastfeed can make the mother feel like they are no longer their own person but rather a machine created to keep their baby alive.

Giving the mother the ability to let someone else handle feeding when they are feeling overwhelmed and the freedom to put the baby down and focus on some things that remind them of the person that they used to be can be a wonderful way to preserve that sense of self.

3 Returning To Work

Let's be honest, returning to work after having a baby can be truly hard. And something that can make it even harder is figuring out how and where to pump while on the clock.

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Pumping, storing the milk, protecting one's work clothing from leaks, and ensuring that whoever is watching the baby knows the correct way to defrost the milk for feeding time can be truly stressful. And new moms do not need any more stress.

2 They Don't Produce Milk

Some women simply do not produce milk and this weird habit that some mothers have of shaming women who do things differently than they did can make these mothers feel truly guilty about not being able to breastfeed.

It is very important for all new mothers to know that fed is best. That there is nothing wrong with them if they are unable to breastfeed and that choosing formula feeding does not make them a bad mother. So long as the child is healthy and fed, then it really does not matter whether than milk came from the breast or the bottle.

1 Fear Of The Process


It may be controversial to say but, in all honesty, breastfeeding can be a scary process. The idea of something sucking fluid out of your body could freak out some new mothers and the thought of using one of those breast-pump contraptions could scare some mothers off of the process entirely.

If this is you, know that it is perfectly okay to not want to breastfeed because the process does not appeal to you. Feeding your baby should be a wonderful and calm bonding moment for the two of you and you can't relax and enjoy the moment if you feel forced into the method that you're using.

If breastfeeding is what feels right to you, then go for it. If formula feeding makes more sense for your family, then go for it.

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