Breastfeeding In The US: 20 Guidelines That Moms Don't Actually Have To Follow

There are a lot of wonderful things expecting parents get to experience when they are awaiting the arrival of their new little boy or girl.  It is even more exciting once the baby is born and the new parents finally get to see and hold their bundle of joy.

However, there are also some very hard parts of pregnancy and raising a new baby. It is an amazing time, but it is not always a very easy time for new moms and dads. One of the most difficult parts of being pregnant is all of the worrying expecting moms tend to do. However, being a bit anxious and worried about bringing a new little one into the world is perfectly understandable.

Furthermore, parents also face some pretty challenging things after their children are born. For example, there are a lot of new moms who wish to nurse their babies instead of feeding them with formula. However, some mothers have been known to have some issues with that, as it is a much harder thing to do than others realize. Additionally, mothers who choose to nurse their babies have to follow a lot of rules. However, there are some that moms do not have to be so strict about.

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20 Scheduling Feeding Times Is A Must

It can be a great idea for new moms who choose to nurse their little ones to set up a feeding schedule. This is very important for babies who, for some reason, are unable to give off signals that they are hungry.

However, most children are able to let their moms know when it is time for a feeding. For example, one of the main signs a baby is hungry is when they begin to cry, though they may cry for other reasons as well.

However, before a hungry baby cries, he or she will typically do something else, such as suck on their fists or make noises that will eventually turn into crying.

19 Moms Need A Tracking App

Smartphone apps can be useful for many things, so they are no doubt beneficial to some very busy moms out there who need a little help remembering when to feed their baby, or when to change their diaper. Furthermore, there are some pretty interesting apps that track the development a baby goes through every week.

However, many moms do not actually need a tracking app to tell them when to pump or when to breastfeed. Many babies will give off signals that they are hungry, and our bodies are good at letting us know when to use a pump.

Sometimes, sticking to a strict schedule is just something moms cannot do because life is not always predictable.

18 Mothers Must Switch Sides During Feedings

It seems that many moms are always very happy to give others parenting advice, whether it is wanted or not. Sometimes this can be a pretty good thing because the new mother may find out about something she did not know before.

However, this is not always beneficial. That is because this means that false information spreads pretty fast.

One false thing a lot of people think about nursing a baby is that the mother must always switch sides during feedings. Usually, moms can tell which side will have the most milk, as it will be engorged. So, the baby will likely prefer that side. However, if he or she finishes the milk on that side and is still hungry, then switching is fine.

17 Dump The Milk After A Night Out

Raising a new child is one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer. However, sometimes new moms still want to enjoy a night out with their friends, during which they might want to have a drink or two.

Moms who wish to do this should certainly talk to their doctor beforehand. However, contrary to what some people believe, moms do not have to dump their milk after having one or two drinks. A lot of mothers believe that dumping their milk will help them speed up the time during which the alcohol is in their milk, and that is simply not true.

16 Mom Cannot Have Any Adult Beverages

There are rumours that mothers need to pump their milk after having an occasional drink during a night out with their friends. Furthermore, there are also rumours that moms who do not want to dump their milk cannot have any adult drinks whatsoever.

However, mothers can actually have one single drink without it affecting the baby. Sometimes moms will choose to have their drink at a certain time, such as right after their baby has stopped nursing and is full. That is because that means the child will not be hungry for a few hours, which is plenty of time for the alcohol to leave the mother’s milk.

15 Nursing The Baby To Sleep Isn't Good

There are a lot of things that should be avoided by moms who choose to breastfeed their baby girl or boy. Furthermore, some people believe that one of those things is nursing the child to sleep.

Many moms disagree with doing this for multiple reasons. However, it turns out that nursing a baby to sleep is not only a great thing to do, but it is actually important for their development.

In fact, when the child is nursing on his or her mother, it releases a hormone that basically makes both the mother and the child want to go to sleep. After all, nursing a baby is not only a great source of nourishment for him or her, but it is also nurturing.

14 Moms Must Nurse For 20 Minutes Or More

Some babies, especially newborns, will take quite a bit of time during each nursing session. In fact, sometimes they will do what is typically referred to as “cluster feeding,” which is when they nurse for approximately 20 to 45 minutes.

However, some babies out there might actually finish pretty fast. Not all babies are the exact same, so nursing might defer from one baby to the next.

Furthermore, there are signs babies usually give off to let their parents know that they are full, or at least getting there. One big sign that they are not hungry is when they stop nursing.

13 Pumping Out Extra Milk Is A Good Idea

Mothers who nurse their children may find that there are times when they need to pump some of their milk into bottles and store them for a later time. This is usually a pretty good thing to do because it ensures that the baby will be fed even when his or her mother is not there.

However, there is a downside to doing this. Some moms pump a lot, which might be because they anticipate their baby needing to drink a lot of milk when they are away, or because they are trying to encourage more milk to come in.

But, the negative part of doing this is that the milk might go bad. Moms are not going to need a few hundred ounces of their milk taking up space in the freezer, so pumping out extra milk to store it is not always a good idea.

12 Nursing Should Be Stopped After An MRI

Woman doctor talking with her two patients

A lot of moms get very nervous when it comes to things that could possibly affect their milk. After all, no mother wants to do something that will cause harmful things to enter her milk, nor do any moms usually want to do anything that could possibly make their milk supply go down.

So, it is natural to be worried about taking part in any medical procedures that can affect a mother’s milk. Many people believe that the dye that is used during an MRI will get in the mom’s milk and have a negative impact on the baby. However, the baby is usually not affected by this at all.

11 Moms Need To Pump Often

A pump is a wonderful thing for nursing mothers to have. It is especially helpful for working mothers who are away from their children a lot, and that is because pumps allow mothers to pump their milk and store it in the freezer for a later time.

Furthermore, some mothers have been encouraged to pump between feedings so that they can increase their milk supply.

However, that is not totally necessary. Another reason some people believe moms should pump often is to prevent engorgement or at least keep it to a minimum. But, these are typically issues that can just be solved by having frequent feeding sessions instead of pumping.

10 Moms Should Pump And Dump After Surgery

There are a lot of things that can affect a mother’s milk, and sometimes it is hard to remember everything that can potentially cause issues for mothers who nurse their babies. Therefore it is perfectly natural for moms to be worried about nursing their child after they have had surgery.

However, despite what some moms and dads believe, there is no need to be concerned. That is because by the time a mother wakes up after her surgical procedure, the general anesthesia basically has no effect on her at that point, and she can begin to nurse her child again then.

9 Mothers Should Skip Feedings To Make More Milk

There is a lot of very helpful information out there for new parents, and sometimes that makes it a bit easier to take care of a new baby. However, sometimes false information gets around, which only makes it harder.

One thing some people believe is that skipping feeding times will increase milk supply. However, that could not be further from the truth.

In fact, there is a direct connection between the number of times a mother nurses her child and the amount of milk she is capable of making. When child nurses frequently, the mother’s body is encouraged to make more milk.

8 Nursing Moms Should Not Give The Baby A Bottle On Occasion

Many people are familiar with the phrase “go big or go home,” which basically means that if you choose to do something, you go above and beyond, and anything less than that is unacceptable.

That is attitude a lot of moms have when it comes to nursing children. Many parents believe that if a mom nurses, she should not ever feed her baby with a bottle.

However, that is just not a very realistic thing to do. There are many times when moms have to be away from their children, so it is very hard to nurse them all of the time.

7 Moms Should Stop After One Year

There are a lot of mothers who only nurse their children for a little while. It is not hard to see why some mothers tend to stop nursing at a rather early point in time, as it can be very hard and it takes a while to get used to, especially for first-time mothers.

Furthermore, a lot of people think that moms should not nurse their children after they are one year old. However, that is not true.

It is best to nurse exclusively for the first six months of a child’s life. Then, it is time to start introducing other foods. However, moms can continue nursing until their child is two years old if the mother wants to.

6 Night Feedings Should Be Stopped

In many cases, moms do not particularly like the idea of staying up late at night, so they try to make sure their babies get plenty of food in the daytime. However, that simply does not work for everyone.

For example, many mothers have to spend their days working away from their home. This means that they don’t get much time in the day to feed their baby, so nursing their child at night is a must.

Every mother and child are different, so what works for some of them might not always work for others, and moms need to do whatever they are comfortable with.

5 Burping Always Needs To Happen Every Time Baby Eats

There are a lot of things moms have to do to make sure their babies are happy and healthy, and sometimes burping them is one of those things. This is because many little ones, especially those who are fed with a bottle, tend to swallow a lot of air, and burping them helps them get the air out of their stomachs.

However, babies who are not fed by a bottle do not usually have to be burped as much. In fact, some of them might not need to be burped at all. Either way, there are signs to look out for to see if a baby should be burped or not.

4 Moms Need To Check On Their Little Ones Often

Nearly all new mothers are very nervous when it comes to the health of their babies. In fact, some of them check their child’s weight extremely often just to make sure that he or she is getting enough milk, and growing as much as they need to.

However, it is not necessary for mothers to do that quite so often. Yes, weight is very important, as it can show whether or not someone is getting the nutrition they need. But, if a baby is obviously relaxing when they are finished nursing, they are swallowing their milk, and they have a strong and solid latch, then that usually means the child is doing just fine.

3 Mothers Should Only Eat Healthy Foods

The list of things that can have a negative impact on a mother’s milk is extremely long. Therefore many moms believe that they should limit themselves when it comes to certain foods. This has caused a lot of people to believe that women who are nursing a child should basically have a strict diet of nothing but super healthy things and that snacks are out of the question.

However, that is pretty far from the truth. Mothers can actually enjoy many of the things they liked to eat before, but moderation is key. For example, nursing mothers can eat chocolate, they just should not eat a lot of it in one sitting.

2 Moms Should Not Tandem Feed

There are a lot of people out there who believe that mothers should not participate in tandem feeding. For those who may not know, tandem feeding is when a mother is nursing two babies at the same time.

Furthermore, doing this is actually perfectly fine. Nursing is becoming more popular, and therefore tandem feeding seems to be happening more often than it used to.

In fact, there are some pretty useful tips for mothers who are nursing two little ones at once. One great tip for moms who tandem feed their children is to use pillows to help the mother and babies get into a comfortable position.

1 Stopping While Pregnant Is A Must

When it comes to nursing a baby, there are a lot of things that can potentially be dangerous. However, some of those things are not as big of a problem as they might seem.

A lot of people believe that it is a good idea for a nursing mom to stop nursing if she becomes pregnant again. However, there are only a few cases during which this might be an issue. For example, those who are carrying twins, as well as moms with a high-risk pregnancy, are advised not to nurse while pregnant.

However, that is not always the case. Mothers who have healthy pregnancies that are without any major issues can usually nurse while pregnant with little to no issues at all.

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