Breastmilk Found To Contain A Protein That Could Combat Cancer

A recent study concluded by accident that breastmilk anti-cancer killing properties.

Prague, Czech Republic is where the largest clinical trial to date of its kind took place to uncover this groundbreaking discovery. The trial was conducted over the course of a month and 40 patients who were battling bladder cancer were all given six doses of a drug that had been synthesized from alpha-lactalbumin which a protein found in human breastmilk.

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It is said to be bound to a fatty acid called oleic acid. This is an experimental drug called human alpha-lactalbumin also known as Hamlet for short and is said to be made lethal to tumor cells. Hamlet was given through a catheter and the prescribed dosage was administered before patients had their surgery.

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Patients who used the drug were found to have no further signs of cancer cells that stemmed from dissolved tumors. The results are promising and they proved Hamlet’s ability can target specific tumors with minimal or no side effects to patients.

Mats Persson, the CEO of Hamlet Pharma Ltd, said, “This is a very important milestone for the company. We need more evidence but hopefully, this could be the gentle chemotherapy of the future.” The future of beating and fighting cancer seems bright. The study of Hamlet has over 20 years of research invested ever since Svanborg accidentally found the discovery when she used to lead a research team that was investigating the properties of breastmilk.

“If efficacy can be combined with a lack of toxicity, it is possible that this treatment can be used both as prevention and therapy. The vision would be to make it available worldwide, to patients who are susceptible to certain cancers, or who suffer from tumors that can be reached and treated with this substance,” Svanborg said.

While there are several studies that prove that breast milk is a great resource, she didn’t expect to find potential cancer-killing protein in breastmilk. Now, these new studies show Hamlet has the capability to kill more than 40 different types of cancer cells in a laboratory setting.

So what's next for Hamlet? Apparently big plans as researchers are planning to make the groundbreaking protein an accessible drug worldwide. Hamlet could potentially be a viable and more comfortable and safer alternative to current treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  With Hamlet’s ability to target tumor cells while leaving healthy, adjacent cells unharmed it will appeal to patients who desire a more holistic approach to recovering from cancer.

Currently, there are no signs of side effects associated with the Hamlet treatment options such as nausea, hair loss, and nerve damage, which is typically associated with the other alternative treatments for cancer. Breastmilk could save the world!

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