10 Breathing Techniques to Make Labor More Bearable

For nine months, Moms-to-be can be in a blissful state of pregnancy. They can feel confident and beautiful during an amazing time in their lives. Then when labor hits, their cool personas can fade away due to the pain of birth. Even though there is no end all cure for the pain of childbirth because even epidurals can end before a baby comes, certain breathing techniques can help make your labor more bearable. So make sure you keep breathing and pushing until your little bundle of joy arrives, and read through this list to find some helpful breathing techniques to use during labor.

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10 Focused Breathing

When you are in labor you breathing is going to be one of the most important things you can do to get your mind off the pain of childbirth. That is why there are many classes that teach breathing exercises for parents to take before the baby arrives to get Moms prepared for the big day.

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When you are finally in labor it is going to be important for you to not only breathe but to focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing will get your mind off the labor processes and just to think about the most basic human need.

9 Slow Breathing

Slow breathing is going to be one of the first techniques to use when you start your labor. For example, if you can no longer walk or talk through contractions without pausing, then you want to start this method. This method of breathing, according to AmericanPregnancy.org, should be done with a slow inhale through your nose. Then on the exhale, make sure you are releasing the air through your mouth, and letting your breath out with a sigh. The main point of the slow breathing technique is to use each exhale to focus on relaxing a different point of your body, so you are ready for the big part of the labor.

8 Light, Accelerated Breathing

When the labor starts to speed up and gets more active that is when you are going to want to switch from a slow breathing method to a light, accelerated breathing approach. This method is used to try to get all of the tension you are holding out of your system so your body can try to be more relaxed when in labor.

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MomJunction.com reports that your breath will increase during this type of breathing and that it is important to have gentle inhales and exhales both through your mouth at this stage.

7 Variable (Transition) Breathing

In labor, if you are feeling stressed, unable to relax or in dire pain, the variable breathing is the style you want to use. AmericanPregnancy.org, states that variable breathing is a type of light, shallow breaths that will have a longer more periodical, pronounced exhale. Some of the most common ways that women use this process in labor is with the “pant-pant-blow” or “hee-hee-who” sounds of breathing making your breath rate between five to twenty breaths in 10 seconds when having a contraction. Serveral Moms have also been vocal in this stage by verbalizing the long exhale with either a “who” or “puh.”

6 Expulsion Breathing

As you begin your second stage of labor, closer to when the baby is ready to come, you are going to want to change her breathing again to expulsion breathing. This is going to be a great method to use when you are trying to control the pain as you push the baby out.

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MomJunctions.com says, that once you get a breath of air in you want to hold it for five seconds before you release your breath. Then before another contraction comes you want to calm your breathing again before another big breathe in and push.

5 Cleansing Breath

Though every woman is different and every breathing techniques can work uniquely for every woman. Another method to try to manage your pain is called the cleansing breath approach. This technique gets you and anyone around you to realize that you are focusing on your breathing and labor. VeryWellFamily.com shares, that for a good cleaning breath you are going to want to take a long, slow, deep breath in and slowly let it out. This technique targets Moms to get to a relaxes state during contractions and can be used alone or even combined with another breathing method.

4 Hypnobirthing For Breathing

Another technique that focuses on breathing to ease the pain of childbirth Moms use is hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a type of birthing that, according to Parents.com, focuses on natural childbirth and teaches self-hypnosis techniques to combat any fear and pain during the labor. Choosing to use this technique in labor will have you focus on doing deep breathing and visualization during the labor experiences.

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So if you are more open-minded about the different styles of childbirth make sure you talk a class and look up how to do hypnobirthing to try to get rid of the pain that comes with having a child.

3 Modified Paced Breathing Technique

A popular breathing technique more and more women are using during labor is choosing some type of modified paced breathing. Modified breathing technique is classified as any breathing that is not commonly used every day. This allows Moms to do what feels natural and good for their bodies. At the end of the day, only a woman will know what will work and what won't work for them and their body. So don’t feel discouraged if you need to try a few different methods of finding a breathing pattern and technique that works for you, because you will always know what is best.

2 Find Your Own Rhythm

It doesn’t matter if you read all of the parenting books in the world, once labor hits all of the information you consumed will leave your head as you get into survival mode. This means that the techniques you learned and may have even practiced might not be right for you and work how you want them too.

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Every mom is different and you will never hear two of the same labor stories. So make sure that you find your own rhythm of breathing if the basic techniques are not working for you.

1 Stay Conscious

The biggest breathing mistake that a Mom can make during labor is actually not breathing and holding their breath. Holding your breath in labor is the worst thing you can do, due to the fact that you can cause yourself to feel dizzy or you can stress your body out even more by doing that. Holding your breath because of the pain can feel like a natural thing you want to do, but by breathing through the pain you will have a more bearable labor. So make sure you are making a conscious choice in your breathing no matter what technique you are using.

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