Brett Young Doesn't Regret Watching His Wife Give Birth (Despite Being Warned Not To)

Brett Young is happy to have watched the birth of his baby girl while many of the guys warned him not to do so. He was all praises for his wife, Taylor, and shared his experiences with the world.

American country singer Brett Young is super-happy after embracing fatherhood on October 21. What adds up to his happiness is the enchanting feeling he got by witnessing the birth of his daughter Presley. Although many of his friends advised him not to do so, Young wouldn't miss this chance. After about two weeks of welcoming daughter, Presley Elizabeth, Young revealed the piece of advice he was given regarding the birth. “ I think this might fall under TMI,” he joked to Detroit radio station WYCD last week, before explaining that “most guys” he’d talked to said “absolutely don’t watch” their wives give birth.

However, the country singer ignored their advice and feels “so glad” about it. “I’ve never experienced anything like it and never will ever again,” he added. “It’s some alien stuff, but it’s incredible.” Embracing parenthood for the first time is quite a tough journey, and one can notice several changes within a matter of seconds. The same is the case with Young. Although he stood firm in deciding to watch the baby's birth, he still faces specific issues now and then and reports that it would take him some more time to adjust appropriately. “I’m probably more confused about it than I was before she was born, which I’m told is normal. We’re figuring it out," he mused.

The newly-turned father described trivial things like driving while gazing at his daughter through the mirror, with incessant love and joy. “It’s so fun to see her face but then also I’m like, ‘I’ve never seen that face before, is something wrong?’ And then you’re in the middle of the freeway and you’re like, ‘Do I pull over? Am I a crazy parent?’ ”. Young and Taylor have described this moment to be very special and life-changer for them. They consider themselves awfully lucky to have been blessed with such a beautiful child.

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Explaining the experience in the delivery room, Young described his wife as a "superhero." The singer also thanked his wife for bringing Presley into their lives with a “level of grace and quiet confidence” that he has never seen before. However, the message he wrote for his daughter was quite touching and sentimental. He noted, “My daughter, Baby P, you’re perfect. I am so head over heels in love with you I can’t even explain it. My world is forever changed because God gave you to me. I’m going to do so many things wrong, but I promise to never stop trying, or learning, or loving you as fiercely as is humanly possible.” We wish the family luck and a very bright future ahead.

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