Brian Austin Green Admits He And Wife Megan Fox Struggled With Him Being The "Bad Cop"

Brian Austin Green is one celebrity dad that admits that parenting three small children with his wife Megan Fox is no walk in the park. As a matter of fact, the actor does admit that he and Fox have an issue with who gets to be good cop and who gets to be bad cop in the family. Together, the couple have Noah Shannon, seven; Bodhi Ransom, five; and three-year-old Journey River. Additionally, Brian is also a father to 17-year-old son Kassius from his previous relationship with daytime television actress Vanessa Marcil.

Speaking to Rachel Ray on her daytime television talk show, the actor admitted that he struggled to see eye-to-eye with Megan during their early years of parenting. Brian says that often time there was one parent who played the role of good cop, while the other one had no choice but to be the bad cop in some difficult situations. Thankfully though, they’ve since managed to find a common ground built on respect.

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The 46-year-old says that after struggling to find that balance, they've learned how to parent together. But that doesn’t mean they still don’t have their challenging episodes. He told Rachel Ray on her show via People Magazine, “I’m very much more the bad cop than she is. And at first that sort of was an issue for us and now we listen to each other and we talk to each other about things.”

Along with improved communication, Brian says that if there’s something that Megan doesn’t like or something he doesn’t like, they respect their partner’s decision nonetheless and listen to what the other person has to say. All in all, he says that he and Megan do a great job of co-parenting together. What’s more, he calls the 33-year-old actress a fantastic mom and wife.

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Brian also says that at times, he tends to get a little too overprepared when it comes to his parental duties- especially when Megan isn’t around to help. He even admitted that he was so excited to bring his kids to their first day of school- only to find out that he was too early. In fact, he was a whole day early. They had made it to school for orientation day, and not the first official day of school.

Brian said, “One of my kids was mad at me because I cooked him breakfast, made him get all dressed up and they were all excited, and they had their stuff together. And then I ruined everything. That’s not something, apparently, that I’m very good at.”

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