Bride Blasts Bridesmaid For Extra Baby Weight Three Weeks After Giving Birth

A cruel bride is being called out for shaming her maid of honor for not yet losing her baby weight just three weeks after giving birth. The infuriating and shocking event happened on the Facebook group, That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming when the bride herself took to the social media site looking for advice.

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She anonymously posted that she concerned about her upcoming wedding because her closest friend hadn't miraculously bounced back less than a month after giving birth. The bride is worried that her wedding could be ruined by her maid of honor's weight gain. She was actually wondering if it would be wrong of her to replace her maid of honor if she couldn't fit into her dress in three weeks.

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Yes. Yes, it would. It would be very wrong. She went on to say that she didn't want her friend to wear a backup dress and didn't want her wedding to be ruined by her friend's baby weight. The internet was not kind to this soon-to-be married woman.

Many women chimed in to slam the bride for being insensitive and selfish. Many came to the defense of the maid of honor and commiserated with her about not losing the baby weight immediately after giving birth. Because really who does?

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Anyone who has given birth knows that at three weeks postpartum everything is still awkward, uncomfortable, bulky, sweaty and bloody. Your body may be starting to feel like your own again, but it's not there yet. Not to mention a six-week-old baby needs a lot of 24/7 care leaving all news moms exhausted. The bride kindly noted that she doesn't want to replace her friend, but it's she only has one day.

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With everything the maid of honor has going on, she should drop out of this wedding altogether. The bride should want her there no matter what because she's her friend. Though it seems the bride doesn't value her at all.

What do you think of this? Would you end this friendship?

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