Bride Gets Mad At Pregnant Bridesmaid Because She Was Getting All Of The Attention

A bride was very upset with her bridesmaid for "taking over her wedding" because she was pregnant.

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One angry bride took to Reddit to complain about a bridesmaid that she says, "owes her a wedding." The bride was probably very shocked when she found out that the Reddit followers were not taking her side.

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The bride claims that her bridesmaid "stole her wedding." She complained to Reddit that in her husband's culture they don't think that people should be having babies before 20's/30's. Anybody who has a baby in their 20's or 30's is considered a teenage mother. Her bridesmaid, Anna, came to her wedding very pregnant and she became the talk of the wedding. The bride commented that the bridesmaid was just showing off her belly, so everybody could see. And the bride got upset that Anna was not trying to hide it at all.

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During the entire wedding, Anna was the center of attention and she was the one being talked about instead of the bride. The bride believed that the only thing her guests could talk about was "Anna and her hot husband." The bride could not believe that everybody was talking about the bridesmaid instead of the bride. The bride was so upset that everybody was ignoring her that she stormed out during her reception. She now says that she can't look at pictures of her wedding without crying. She says that Anna owes her $30,000 for ruining her wedding.

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This bride assumed that she would begin to get support if she found followers on Reddit. However, she was sorely mistaken! The people on Reddit started being really confused as to what in the world she meant about a woman in her 20's and 30's being a teenage mother. One person wrote, "in what culture is a 25-year-old a teenage mother?" Another Reddit user asked how in the world she was supposed to hide her pregnancy when she was so far along? The bride was not very impressed with the lack of support.

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