Bride Tells Bridesmaid To Get An Abortion Upon Learning Of Her Pregnancy

Bridezilla is a name we've all heard before but most of us haven't had the pleasure- or rather, displeasure- of experiencing just how intense a bridezilla can get. When a wedding is on the horizon, stress levels are high and patience is low, but there comes a point when brides go way too far. In a recent post on social media, one woman told the story of her own personal encounter with a bridezilla, demonstrating just that. Leaving readers in utter shock, the bridesmaid describes that upon finding out she was expecting and due to deliver a few months before the bride's wedding, the bride was less than thrilled for her friend. Instead of a supportive congratulations, what the bride had to say left her bridesmaid speechless.

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The woman explains on social media, "About a year before the wedding, I found out I was pregnant. I was always told I couldn't have kids and so obviously my daughter was not planned, but I was over the moon. So I told [the bride], expecting excitement right? Nope. She immediately told me that I was going to be so stressed trying to get my bridesmaid dress fitting on my own since I'd have to do it after everyone already had theirs (I was due in April, wedding was in June)."

"She reminded me that it was a kid-free wedding, and then after thoroughly explaining how difficult her wedding would be for me, she said (verbatim), 'So don't you think it might be better for you to have an abortion?'". Wait, what did we just read?

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"She told me I was ruining her life and then called her mum to tell me to have an abortion... So (obviously) I didn't speak to her again, got a wedding invite and never sent the RSVP back, and her eight-months-pregnant future SIL took my place as bridesmaid. She ended up with dresses that easily would've accommodated my postpartum body".

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As you can probably assume, upon hearing the story, readers were not impressed with the bride's actions, with many people stating that the former bridesmaid should steer clear of that woman. Pregnancy is a personal experience and choice between a mother and her child and it should stay just that. No one has the right to ask another woman to get an abortion because her pregnancy might affect their own personal lives, especially not someone who is considered a friend. The woman has since delivered her baby girl despite the uproar over her pregnancy and we couldn't be happier for her!

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