Bride Straps Her Toddler To Her Back To Walk Down The Aisle

Let's face it, parents. Babywearing is just practical, and quite honestly, suited for just about every occasion. Going for a hike? Babywear. Getting things done around the house and need two hands? Babywear.

Walking down the aisle at your wedding? Babywear.

And that's just what one mom did this summer when she got hitched. Photographer Laura Schaefer captured the special moments leading up to and during mom Dalton Mort's wedding this past July - moments that included Mort's two-year-old daughter Ellie strapped to her back, even as she walked down the aisle.

"I asked Dalton if she would be wearing a veil on her wedding day," Schaefer recalled. "She said 'No, I’ll be wearing Ellie.'"

And that's exactly what she did.

Strapped to her back in a beautiful multicoloured wrap, little Ellie accompanied her mom as she married the love of her life. According to Schaefer, it was important to Mort that her daughter be included in the ceremony.

"The wedding wasn't just about the two of them. It was about committing to their family," she said.

But as any parent of young children will tell you, getting them to remain quiet and still during any ceremony can be quite the challenge. That's where the wrap came in. Mort knew that by carrying little Ellie in a wrap, she'd be close to her at all times, comfortable, safe - and most importantly - out of trouble!


While the wrap was certainly a practical choice, Schaefer said it also made their ceremony and special day as a whole, unique and meaningful.

The icing on the cake? Despite the ceremony taking place during Ellie's nap time, the little girl was quiet and calm throughout the whole thing. As a result, the bride was able to relax and truly enjoy her special day.

"It allowed Dalton to really enjoy her wedding and not be distracted by having to calm or entertain Ellie," said Schaefer. "She really was able to focus and enjoy the moment."

In fact, Ellie was so comfortable after being kept so close to her mom that Mort was even able to nurse her to sleep during the mass. News quickly spread about Mort's ingenious idea to babywear down the aisle, and according to Schaefer, after seeing her gorgeous photos, people are telling her they are inspired to do the same at their own weddings.

Schaefer has received overwhelming support since sharing her photos online. She hopes that by sharing Mort's story it will open more and more eyes to the amazing effects of a babywearing wedding.

"I’m excited that this post has inspired so many to include their children in a special way in their weddings," she said.

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