Bridesmaid And Newborn Stand In Wedding Party 12 Hours After Birth

A new mom walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid with her brand new baby in her arms. She had just given birth to her baby 12 hours prior and still managed to proudly walk down the aisle.

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Rachel Glaister, 26, was asked to be a bridesmaid for her beautiful sister-in-law, Leanne Johnston. She obviously said, "yes" and was very excited to be part of the wedding party. Rachel and her husband, Jason Glaister, were not worried about missing the wedding. Their daughter was due a little over a week before the wedding and they figured that they would be fine. However, their little baby had different plans. Their daughter, Rose, decided that she was not ready to be born and came out a week overdue. When Rachel went into labor she began to panic and figured she wasn't going to be able to make it to Leanne's wedding. It was very stressful, but her first priority was obviously her baby Rose.

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Even though Rose made things a little more interesting, Rachel was able to make it to the wedding. Rachel still had the opportunity to walk down the aisle in her bridesmaid dress with little Rose in her arms. Rose's grandmother only got to meet her new granddaughter about 15 minutes before the ceremony began.

Via News and Star

Rachel was very worried that she wouldn't make the wedding. She thought that even if she did deliver Rose in time she couldn't possibly get ready in time. However, the hospital staff were determined to get Rachel to Leanne's wedding. Rachel and Jason were in complete awe of the supportive super-nurses at Whitehaven's West Cumberland Hospital.

Rachael said that "...everyone was panicking and thinking we wouldn't be there, but the staff in the delivery suite were brilliant, they got me ready and made sure the baby was okay. It meant the world for me to be there, Leanne is my sister-in-law and I wouldn't have missed her wedding for the world."  Jason added, "It was really emotional to see Rachael coming down the aisle holding our baby at my sister's wedding."  The couple only had an hour of sleep the night before, but they said they weren't even tired due to the buzz.

Jason and Rachel are full of gratitude for the staff at the hospital. They know that if the staff would not have been so supportive, they would not have been able to make it to Leanne's special day. Rose was able to be introduced to the world during one of the happiest events. Congratulations Jason and Rachel on the new birth of your little Rose!

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