Brie Bella Admits Her Toddler Loves Nikki Bella's Boyfriend, Artem Chigvintsev

Retired WWE Superstar Nikki Bella, 35, has managed to find happiness since her long-ago break-up with her ex-fiancé, WWE Superstar John Cena. She's been dating her former Dancing With The Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev, 37, for quite some time now. If you follow one or both of them on social media, you can clearly see just how in love they are with one another. Fortunately for Nikki, it appears as though the rest of her family loves Artem, too.

One member of the Bella family who loves Artem, in particular, is Birdie- Nikki's two-year-old niece and the daughter of retired WWE Superstar Brie Bella and current WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan. In a recent interview, Nikki didn't just reveal that Artem will be on the upcoming season of Total Bellas, which is set to air sometime next year. She also gushed about how her boyfriend interacts with Birdie at length.

"She’s obsessed!" Nikki exclaimed. "Our glam artist, Eilene, who we bring everywhere to do our makeup, she literally was finishing our makeup in Vegas and Artem was watching Birdie and we had to leave for our parents and she literally told Eilene, 'Shoo shoo, it’s A and Me!' She calls him 'A'."

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While it's clear that Nikki loves the relationship between Artem and Birdie, it's also evident that her twin sister Brie loves it as well. She said as much in the same interview.

"He’s literally Birdie’s best friend. I love it. It makes it nice because sometimes you’re worried when you’re around a lot of adults and if you’re someone who has a two-year-old it can be annoying," Brie explained. "But with someone like [Artem], it’s totally from the culture he’s from, how accepting he is. We can all hang out and Birdie is always around and you can tell it doesn’t bug him. It makes him happy and I love that. And, it makes me feel better as a mom."

Brie also talked about the fact that Artem gets along with her husband. She revealed that the two gentlemen talk about the former's childhood and his Russian background quite a bit. It seems as though this is how they bond. Between this and his ability to get along and have fun with Birdie, it's safe to say that Artem has been able to fit in quite nicely with the Bella family!

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