Brie Bella Reveals Past Struggle With Depression After Giving Birth

Despite being retired from WWE for a while now, Brie Bella is still one busy woman. She runs a successful wine company, a clothing line, and a hair and beauty product line alongside her twin sister Nikki. Then there's appearing on E'!s Total Bellas alongside Nikki and the rest of their family. Brie also has the responsibilities many other women share- being a loving wife and mother. With all things considered, you would think things have been peachy for the successful businesswoman. But you'd be wrong about that.

On a recent episode of The Bellas Podcast (hosted by the Bella Twins themselves), Brie confessed to struggling with depression after giving birth to daughter Birdie, 2, back in 2017. Namely, the fact that she didn't want to lose her identity after becoming a mom- yet she was despite help from sister Nikki and others.

“The hardest thing for me was kind of when Birdie was born was kind of being like, ‘OK, I’m a mom now,’ but I didn’t want to lose the old Brie, and I really did lose my identity,” Brie admitted on the podcast. “I ended up making a comeback because I missed the old Brie and I failed so bad at it in front of the world. … I got bullied online for it — people would say, ‘Motherhood, look at what it’s done to her [body]!”

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When it came to addressing the issue, Brie- who married current WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan back in 2014- the former Superstar opted to hire a life coach. She felt as though it was the best way to take care of her mental health.

“It made me think … anyone out there who struggles with depression or does go through some hard times or feels a little lost — whether it’s with your identity or just with bullying — reach out to someone. I was there and [I] wanted to be away from everyone — even my baby. I was just depressed," Brie revealed.

From the sounds of it, the famous businesswoman seems to mentally be in a better place these days. Not only is she growing all of her businesses with her twin and starring on reality TV with her extended family, but she's also continuing a healthy relationship with her own family. We couldn't be happier for the trio!

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