Dads Everywhere Need To "Bring Back The Stack" With This Ultimate Parenting Game

The wonderful world of parenting varies greatly. No two fathers are created equal, each holds his own values and beliefs that help guide him in his child-rearing journey. Differences aside, all fathers have two things in common. They love their children intensely and they also love creating games with the sole purpose of one-upping each other.

If you have young children, then you have likely heard of "Cheerio Stacking." If not, we will tell you this: it has nothing to do with infant development, and it is hilariously entertaining. The infamous "Cheerio Game" is roughly two years old, but in honor of great fathers everywhere, we want it brought back.

Let the stacking begin dads (and moms of course)!

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It must have been a seriously boring day back when Patrick Quinn, of Life of Dad, decided to see just how many morsels of cereal he could gently stack atop his young child's sleepy, little head. Once he posted his masterpiece to the internet for his followers to see, the dads of the net quickly became hooked on outdoing Quinn's cereal feat. Suddenly naptime became the most fun part of a stay-at-home dad's life. Heck, some dad's didn't even bother to wait for slumber time to strike. They figured out how to stack Cheerios on their infants' heads while they were wide awake (which, frankly, should be a totally extra level to this challenge, or at least worth extra points).

For those of you wondering just how far this game reached, two very agile and talented fathers out there managed to balance a whopping sixteen Cheerios on their infant's noggins. Hands of a surgeon! Quinn revealed that achieving a high score in the "dad-est" of games is not nearly as easy as it appears to be. "The real challenge of the Cheerio Challenge is stifling your own laughter," Quinn said. When he got a load of the dads who managed sixteen Cheerios, he considered that to be the Mount Everest of Cheerio Stacking. 

Next time your husband or boyfriend or partner or brother or father (and the list goes on) encourages you to leave the house for a few hours while he gladly attends to your infant, make sure he has a fresh box of Cheerios within his reach. He and the baby will be busy for hours on end!

Fellas, do what you must to bring back the stack, and ladies, see if you can out-stack the men in your life!


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